release from

release (someone or something) from (something)

To set someone or something loose from some kind of confinement. He released the woman from his grip and told her to run. The police were forced to release the suspect from prison due to a lack of hard evidence.
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release someone or something from something

to liberate or let someone or something go from something. The police officer released George from the handcuffs. I released all the dogs from the city dog pound.
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I do not know what infinite yearning possesses you, so that you are driven to a perilous, lonely search for some goal where you expect to find a final release from the spirit that torments you.
Shooting with the click transforms the release from an absolute surprise-style release aid into a trigger release.
Good release from sticky materials, and effective from -57 to 204 C.
Benefits of the company's release products are said to include multiple release cycles, no transfer to molded parts, no interference with post finishing and bonding, reduced buildup on surfaces, improved productivity through reduced downtime for cleaning, corrosion protection of molds and dies, effective release from molds with complex configurations, low friction coating lengthens life of metal-to-metal contacts, reduced reject rates and more, according to the literature.
Many Americans are slowly starting to realize that offenders need help to succeed and not reoffend upon their release from correctional facilities.
Experiments being undertaken demonstrate that the compounds being developed by Arthron can shutdown TNFa release from human blood cells.
Heavy-metal ions [Hg.sup.2+] and [Ag.sup.2+] induce mediator release and enhance allergen-mediated mediator release from mast cells in vitro (Dastych et al.
It examines early release from 1919, when parole began to emerge as a significant practice, until the major penal reforms of Governor Ellis Arnall in the mid-1940s which abolished whipping, shackles, leg irons and chains and began the process of dismantling the public work camp system.
In addition, the amount of p24 release from that hybrid was substantially greater than that from the parent.
MARK: It's also why every news release from a publicly-traded company has a paragraph at the end saying that the news contains "forward-looking" statements and that the reader shouldn't necessarily take them at face value.
Each of the mice returning to the house did so within 24 hours of release, two as few as 6 hours after release from 500 m and 750 m away.
The thrower must initiate the release from the large, powerful muscles in the lower body.
If the owner is settling with the contractor and feels the contractor may wish to pursue damage claims against the architect, the owner must make sure his release from the contractor also prevents a third party claim by the engineer against the owner.
23 SCIENCE attempt to clarify whether IL-1 acts directly on the pituitary gland in ACTH release, or acts indirectly by triggering the brain's hypothalamus to secrete chemicals that then activate ACTH release from the pituitary.