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relay (something) to (one)

To deliver, pass along, or communicate a message to one with or as is with the use of relays. Will you relay a message to the county courthouse for me? We need to relay the new instructions to the crew in the field.
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relay something to someone

to pass something on to someone. Can you relay this to Frank, who is way down the line? The message was relayed to Frank, who was at the end of the line.
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Only top 16 teams will compete at the World Championships, and both Botswana 4x400m men and women relay teams are in the top 16 bracket.
Rotich, a veteran over the two-lap race, will spearhead the 2x2x400m mixed relay team.
Mutwii noted that it's only the new events where teams will be formed for competition, but the rest of the programme will have flat races in 100m, 200, 400m and 800m."Just like before, we will hold flat events then we pick teams for the relays later.
Mixed gender relay is set to become an Olympic event in Tokyo as the International Olympic Committee added male-and-female 4x400m relay in athletics and 4x100m relay in swimming as well as mixed team relay in triathlon in the Tokyo Games.
Wang, "Smart regenerative relays for link-adaptive cooperative communications," IEEE Transactions on Communications, vol.
"However, our core business in Europe is still relays," explained Hans Grobben, vice president of marketing and sales at Fujitsu Components Europe.
Team first place wins were awarded to the over ten boys and girls freestyle relay teams as well as the age 12 girls and boys freestyle relay teams.
The destination cluster antenna receives signals from their relays in the second time slot.
Two hop single relay scenarios are investigated in [3] with relay either above rooftop or at ground level using both measurements and simulations.
In order to simplify further analysis of above PDF, we assume that, during a hop transmission, instantaneous SNRs have the same average values for all relays. Hence, [[alpha].sub.1] = [[alpha].sub.2] = ...
MEASURED IMPEDANCE WITHOUT FACTS DEVICES Distance relays operate based on the measured impedance at the relaying point.
The E300 overload relay's native dual-port EtherNet/IP option simplifies network wiring, by allowing E300 overload relays to be daisy-chained and by eliminating the need for an Ethernet switch.
The complex received signal column vector r [member of] [C.sup.Nx1] at the relays in the first level is written as