relay to

relay something to someone

to pass something on to someone. Can you relay this to Frank, who is way down the line? The message was relayed to Frank, who was at the end of the line.
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This relationship will allow Relay to provide both existing stored value cards to a targeted demographic as well as the strategic alliances that will assist Relay in building the most comprehensive financial services company founded in the stored card industry.
We anticipate users will appreciate the ease of being able to connect with Sorenson IP Relay to make relay calls through the platform of their choice, whether it's sending a mobile instant message from their wireless device or a standard one from their desktop at work.
More than 200 service providers and vendors named ATM/Frame Relay/Ethernet Service Interworking as the most important work item, followed closely by Frame Relay to MPLS Interworking.
Telcordia testing of Frame Relay equipment from most carrier class switch manufacturers has contributed to the stability of Frame Relay and Frame Relay to ATM Interworking services.
Service providers can also easily migrate customers from Frame Relay to IP-VPNs if the customer decides that a full-fledged layer 3 service is appropriate.
Tiara has also added support for Multi-link Frame Relay to its Series 1000 Access Concentrators, which are deployed at the customer premises.
We don't expect international frame relay to be replaced by IP anytime soon, especially considering IP packets can be encapsulated for transport over frame relay," concludes Rosenberg.
At the other end of the network, another IPSX 9000 decrypts the Frame Relay connection and transmits native Frame Relay to the destination site.
The switches performing the frame relay to ATM interworking are equipped with Ascend's DS3 ATM card, which are connected to an Ascend CBX 500 ATM switch.
The announcement comes less than two weeks after TTC's announced addition of HSSI fast frame relay to the FIREBERD 500.
The agreement enables Sterling to market Relay/On-the-Go(TM), Relay's automated mobile Internet/intranet solution, and allows Relay to market Sterling's STAR:View(TM), which gives remote users access to host-based applications through a Web browser.
With this announcement, TCG significantly expands its data services capability to serve lower bandwidth networking requirements and offers customers an easy migration path from Frame Relay to ATM-based services.
Most customers move to Frame Relay to take advantage of substantial recurring network savings only to discover that increasing CIR, PVC and port charges offset some of those savings.
25 traffic to frame relay to increase capacity and take advantage of cost efficiencies afforded by frame relay.