relay to

relay (something) to (one)

To deliver, pass along, or communicate a message to one with or as is with the use of relays. Will you relay a message to the county courthouse for me? We need to relay the new instructions to the crew in the field.
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relay something to someone

to pass something on to someone. Can you relay this to Frank, who is way down the line? The message was relayed to Frank, who was at the end of the line.
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It is assumed that the power transmitted from the relay to the destination equals the power transmitted to the relay from the source.
One cable connects the E300 overload relay to the operator station for local motor operation, eliminating the traditional hard-wiring time and costs, and consumption of discrete input points on the device.
Featuring a magnetic arc blowout, enabling the relay to switch 50% higher DC voltage than any other relays of its type.
When the coil controlling the electromagnet is given a voltage, the electromagnet causes the contacts in the relay to connect and thus transfer current through the relay.
Pilz has already published a PNOZ classic-to-PNOZ sigma checklist to help customers identify the right PNOZsigma relay to use when replacing Classic relays, and the company's technical support engineers can provide advice by telephone, email or fax in the event of any queries about replacing Classic relays, Pilz X range relays or, indeed, safety relays from other manufacturers.
But it fears protest zones would be located far from the main route of the relay to prevent interferences with it.
Antenna Technology Communications Inc., a provider of satellite communications solutions, has announced that the company has installed and integrated a two-way communication system for Cocesna using Frame Relay to access the company's existing Aeronautical Communication Network, which currently serves airports throughout Central America.
"We have found frame relay to be unreliable," he states.
By allowing only that user and relay to transmit, the resources can be utilized in the most efficient manner.
Unfortunately, many engineers do not understand the characteristics of the load they want a relay to control (Figure 1).
All of the technical challenges of using frame relay to transport video have been met.
Denote [f.sub.i] as CSI from s to the i-th relay and [g.sub.i] as CSI from the i-th relay to y.