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relay something to someone

to pass something on to someone. Can you relay this to Frank, who is way down the line? The message was relayed to Frank, who was at the end of the line.
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Total medium and high voltage protective relay market revenue forecast to 2020 at global level.
Correspondingly, power grid improvements involving the wide-spread employment of protective relay instalments have been necessary, sustaining the global market.
This relay offers complete main and backup transmission line protection using line current differential, and a combination of four stepped-distance zones of phase and ground-distance elements in communications assisted schemes, with directional overcurrent element backup protection.
We came in knowing that we wanted to go for records,'' said Nielsen, who also led off the record-setting 400 free relay (3:14.
200 freestyle, 1st; 100 freestyle, 1st; 400 freestyle relay, 5th); Tori Evans, sr.
She gave up individual events for this relay and came up with her best performance by far in the meet.
200 medley relay, 5th; 400 freestyle relay, 7th; 100 butterfly, 10th; 200 freestyle).
A map of Deaflympics venues at which Sorenson VRS and IP Relay (SIPRelay) will be provided can be accessed by visiting http://www.
His effort came after teaming with Mike Summe, Luke Llamas and Mike Collins on Canyon's victorious 1,600-meter relay (18:53.
Olympic and world medals: '97 worlds - 100-meter gold, 400-meter relay gold.
The Ohio Relay Service operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Course aim: This course provides an introduction to the principles, operation and features of data services conforming to the Frame Relay specifications.
Littlerock sophomore Marcus Raines, the defending Golden League champion in the 300-meter hurdles, will run on the Lobos' shuttle hurdle relay comprised of four 110-meter high hurdle legs.
Sprint also announced the availability of its public frame relay service to the United Kingdom which will be based on its U.
As a result of the long-standing history, many of the telecommunications relay services (TRS) standards used within the TRS industry today are largely due to the vision from the deaf and hard of hearing community in Texas, as it was the first state to offer Sprint Relay services.