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relax (one's) hold on (someone or something)

1. To stop gripping or holding onto someone or something as tightly as before; to loosen one's grasp on someone or something. Don't relax your hold on that cable for even a second, or the entire rigging could come crashing down! I relaxed my hold on the other player for a moment, and he managed to get out of my tackle.
2. To strop trying to control someone or something as completely or dominatingly as before. The dictator has been showing signs that he may be relaxing his hold on the country a bit, as he is allowing foreign members of the press in for the first time in over 50 years. If you think my father will ever relax his hold on the company, you've got another think coming. You need to learn to relax your hold on your kids. They've got to make their own decisions in life eventually.
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relax into (something)

1. To sit, lean, or recline into something and rest one's body. After such a long day at work, it feels good to finally crack open a beer and relax into my favorite armchair. I relaxed into my bath to try to ease the tension in my aching muscles.
2. To feel more comfortable, confident, and able in a particular role, job, position, etc. I'm not sued to giving people orders, so it took me a while to relax into this new position of authority. She seemed quite nervous at first, but she's finally relaxing into the role.
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relax into something

1. to sit or lie down in something, relaxing. I want to go home and relax into my easy chair. I relaxed into the reclining chair and was asleep in a few moments.
2. [for something that is tense] to assume a more relaxed shape or condition. His cramped muscle finally relaxed into a soft mass of tissue. As her tight neck relaxed into softness, her face brightened.
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relax one's hold on someone or something

to lessen one's grasp on someone or something. When she relaxed her hold on me, I got away. Never relax your hold on an alligator.
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All in all at a time when reinsurer financial strength has declined and slow-pay/dispute issues have been on the rise, it seems that relaxing collateral and licensing requirements for alien reinsurers is ill advised.
Cabinet creates a harmonious, relaxing atmosphere during their visits with the residents and provides topics of conversation and moments of recalling.
Familiarity with their surroundings will be key to a relaxing environment in labor.
In relaxing that assumption, two other situations can be analyzed.
Efficascent Relaxing Oil is a powerful combination of essential oils such as Eucalyptus and Peppermint that help calm the body's stressed nerves.
THEY'RE supposed to be relaxing, but holidays can quickly become stressful when boisterous children are involved.
We will call you for treatments so just sit back, relax and enjoy time for yourself.'' Alexandra House has recently partnered with Huddersfield University and Kirklees Council to help staff access the relaxing treatments and peaceful space at the spa.
Pond: "I love the pond as it's nice and relaxing and I keep fish in here too.
I went along to sample the relaxing rose ritual, which is for mothers-to-be.
For some, that can mean a relaxing soak in the bath or an early night, but if you need that little bit of extra help, a massage is a great way to ease the festive stress.
After a brief relaxing head and shoulder massage, you lie on the "bed" which slowly fills with water and expands around you, a weird sensation but pleasant nonetheless.
So it was something of a revelation recently to be treated to a wonderful massage at City Retreat, in Newcastle, where the smell of oils used during the massage, the relaxing ambience and the sheer pleasure of being pampered took my usually busy mind to a level of relaxation it hadn't experienced in a long time.
Pippa O'Connor was obviously enjoying a relaxing stretch in and around the hot tub.
So whenever you feel stressed in work, just turn to one of your relaxing yoga exercises.