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relax into something

1. to sit or lie down in something, relaxing. I want to go home and relax into my easy chair. I relaxed into the reclining chair and was asleep in a few moments.
2. [for something that is tense] to assume a more relaxed shape or condition. His cramped muscle finally relaxed into a soft mass of tissue. As her tight neck relaxed into softness, her face brightened.
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relax one's hold on someone or something

to lessen one's grasp on someone or something. When she relaxed her hold on me, I got away. Never relax your hold on an alligator.
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The UES relaxes and opens immediately upon initiation of a swallow, and then a coordinated pharyngeal wave is seen in the more proximal sensors while the UES remains relaxed and open (figure, A).
These ear candles induce a revitalising heat upon the head and ears, which soothes, relieves and relaxes.
BENEFITS: extends and relaxes back of neck, upper back and shoulders, eases headaches.
A cool shower is very energizing, a warm bath (set at body temperature) relaxes, and a hot bath will help you snooze at night.
In 1977, Murad found that nitroglycerin and related drugs induce nitric oxide (NO) formation and that this gas relaxes the muscle cells that narrow and dilate blood vessels.
Based on a University of Miami study that showed aromatherapy relaxes adults and also at the suggestion of CyberKnife-trained radiation oncologist Dr.