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relax (one's) hold on (someone or something)

1. To stop gripping or holding onto someone or something as tightly as before; to loosen one's grasp on someone or something. Don't relax your hold on that cable for even a second, or the entire rigging could come crashing down! I relaxed my hold on the other player for a moment, and he managed to get out of my tackle.
2. To strop trying to control someone or something as completely or dominatingly as before. The dictator has been showing signs that he may be relaxing his hold on the country a bit, as he is allowing foreign members of the press in for the first time in over 50 years. If you think my father will ever relax his hold on the company, you've got another think coming. You need to learn to relax your hold on your kids. They've got to make their own decisions in life eventually.
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relax into (something)

1. To sit, lean, or recline into something and rest one's body. After such a long day at work, it feels good to finally crack open a beer and relax into my favorite armchair. I relaxed into my bath to try to ease the tension in my aching muscles.
2. To feel more comfortable, confident, and able in a particular role, job, position, etc. I'm not sued to giving people orders, so it took me a while to relax into this new position of authority. She seemed quite nervous at first, but she's finally relaxing into the role.
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Now in its second year, the theatre's relaxed performance of the festive pantomime has been considered a success, prompting staff to introduce a relaxed performance of Shrek The Musical in March.
At relaxed performances the lighting and special effects are altered - for example removing strobes and flashing lights and reducing very loud noises, but the general content of the show stays pretty much the same.
Will noticed a positive effect from slowing down, stating, "I feel more relaxed.
This year has seen the arrival of several relaxed performances across the Midlands, specially designed to reduce anxiety in children, many of whom will be going to the theatre for the first time.
It is "no surprise" that relaxed consumers made decisions differently than those who weren't relaxed, Temkin adds.
BOUNCE Make a big picture in your mind of how relaxed you'd like to look and feel.
In six studies involving more than 670 participants, relaxed individuals were consistently found to value the products more highly than their less relaxed counterparts.
The board says the relaxed rules could be an effort to placate airlines concerned about lost revenue, and it noted that terrorists could still combine liquids after passing through security checkpoints.
In passive stretching there is external loading on relaxed or isometrically contracted muscles.
The UES relaxes and opens immediately upon initiation of a swallow, and then a coordinated pharyngeal wave is seen in the more proximal sensors while the UES remains relaxed and open (figure, A).
Some practitioners recommend a stretch-relax-stretch technique, whereas the initial stretch is held for 10-20 seconds, followed by a 3-5 second relaxed position, followed by a repeat of the same stretch for an additional 10-20 seconds.
Establishing a relaxed running style early in the race will go a long way toward helping you avoid tightening up so that you can maintain your goal pace to the finish.
NEWLY-CROWNED World Grand Prix darts champion Alan Warriner is more relaxed at the oche since a recent family bereavement.
After guests are relaxed and rejuvenated, they head out to festival screenings or star-studded parties where they groove into the night.