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relative to (something)

Corresponding, in direct relation, or proportionate to something. We just have to be sure that the profit potential of this project is acceptable relative to the amount of time, money, and effort it will take to complete it. Of course you aren't saving any money—your monthly expenditures are too high relative to your income.
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relative to someone or something

1. concerning someone or something. I have something to say relative to Bill. Do you have any information relative to the situation in South America?
2. in proportion to someone or something. My happiness is relative to yours. I can spend an amount of money relative to the amount of money I earn.
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relative to

Correspondent or proportionate to, as in Relative to its size, Boston has a great many universities, or It's important to get all the facts relative to the collision. Another form of this idiom is in or with relation to , meaning "in reference or with regard to," as in Demand is high in relation to supply, or That argument changes nothing with relation to our plans for hiring workers. The usages with relative date from the second half of the 1700s, those with relation from the late 1500s.
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A pay relative is a calculation of pay--wages, salaries, commissions, and production bonuses--for a given metropolitan area, relative to the Nation as a whole.
This value represents an upper bound to the relative standard uncertainty for any combination of weights.
for almost 40 years, but he still keeps in touch with relatives in Iraq.
The relative value of laparoscopic surgeons also is low.
The patterns in the teacher assessments mirror those in the test-score data: black and Hispanic students start out substantially below whites, and black students lose ground over the first two years of school, whereas Hispanics maintain their position relative to whites.
Using concentric circles to identify exposed populations usually leads to a bias of the relative risk toward the null.
The revenue procedure requires taxpayers to estimate the amount that moves from a 50-percent limitation to 100-percent deductible excluding strata where 80 percent or more of the population was sampled and use that in the denominator of the calculation of relative precision, even though these strata are part of the sample and the sampled items in them are reviewed.
The accessions included from this preliminary study were selected in the following way: the top three highest biomass producing accessions under nonsaline irrigation (PI 577602, W6 6079, W6 6021), the three lowest biomass producing accessions under nonsaline irrigation (PI 464816, W6 6103, W6 6102), three of the highest biomass producing accessions under 75 mM NaCl irrigation (PI 190082, PI 577643, W6 6078), and three accessions with some of the highest relative yields with moderate biomass production (PI 493295, PI 577639, PI 577614).
In January, Month is the relative range B:B, Sales is the absolute range $B$2:$D$6 and their intersection is the range $B$2:$B$6.
changing the injection shear rate can change the relative amount of glassy and crystalline component in pattern waxes.
Milloy explains that the "public health establishment attached small relative risks in this case because liberal abortion rules are sacred among the public health establishment.
Has your mother or father, husband or wife, or another relative or friend, become frail and had to go into a care home?
NIC conducted a telephone survey of more than 1,500 "adult children" between the ages of 45 and 64 from all across the United States who are, have been, or believe they will be responsible for the well-being of a parent, relative, or other older adult.
Since unmarried persons could not possibly leave anything to a spouse or to legitimate offspring, their inclusion in the sample would distort the results concerning the relative importance of different recipients as named before.
Relative Clauses in Cameroonian Languages: Structure, Function and Semantics
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