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rebound relationship

A romantic relationship that one begins, often as a means of distraction, while still recovering from the end of a different relationship. Oh, Peggy doesn't really love that guy—she's just in a rebound relationship so that she doesn't feel so heartbroken about Pat leaving her.

love-hate relationship

A relationship or connection with someone or something that is characterized by both very positive and very negative feelings. I've got a bit of a love-hate relationship with this car—I absolutely adore the way it looks and handles on the road, but it has given me nothing but grief with how many times it has broken down. Tom and I have something of a love-hate relationship. When we get along, we're the best pals in the world, but other times we just drive each other crazy.
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love-hate relationship

Fig. a relationship of any kind that involves both devotion and hatred. Tommy has a love-hate relationship with his teacher. Mostly, though, it's hate lately.
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According to this participant, her partner's friends thought he was too young to be in a "married," or monogamous, relationship.
Supplier relationship managers have been assigned to each to oversee the operational process and the achievement of performance metrics and strategic goals.
Todd Larsen was with his partner Joel who declined to give his last name--for 10 years before they invited Michael Weiss into their relationship six years ago.
While the significance and influence of this history are undoubted, the focus on national communities has rendered invisible the tangible contact between individuals who create their own communities through the establishment and maintenance of interpersonal relationships.
We work with all of them to build air force-to-air force relationships that produce tactical and operational concepts compatible with USAF CONOPS.
We believe it makes sense to live a life that allows us a right to enter into multiple intimate relationships.
Sexual power was measured through two factors: relationship control and recent experience of forced sex.
Throughout, two down-to-earth themes resonate with those trying to sustain relationships based on sound strategies that build value: One, Peppers and Rogers don't merely think prioritizing the customer requires crossing division boundaries, bridging organizational boundaries or challenging habits-of-thought boundaries.
Clearly, some church members will never want to do this and regard any moral approval of same-sex relationships as contrary to church teachings.
The aim of these reflections on the Spirit, or Paraclete, is not explicitly to establish a treatise on the trinitarian economy as much as to explore the relationship between Jesus and the Spirit and its implications for gifting the community of faith's ongoing relationship to God and the truth that is to be revealed in the ongoing mystery of God's relationship to the world.
1998) explained fathering as a multilateral relationship with a range of influences, including mothers' expectations and behaviors, quality of the coparental relationship, economic factors, institutional practices, and employment opportunities.
One of the key objectives of relationship marketing is to develop and maintain relationships with buyers where the emphasis switches from attracting new customers to retaining current customers (Morgan & Hunt, 1994; Evans & Laskin, 1994; Dwyer, Shurr & Oh,1987; Selnes, 1998).
In a mentoring relationship, proteges and mentors both win, resulting in long-term benefits for society at large (Burgstahler & Cronheim, 2001; Kram, 1985; Kram & Isabella, 1985; Saito & Blyth, 1992).
Kram (1985) defined a developmental relationship as one that "contributes to individual growth and career advancement" (p.
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