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relate (something) to (one)

To explain, report, or describe something to one. I was shocked when she related her experiences in the company to me. I can't tell you what it was like for everyone, but I can relate my personal experience to you.
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relate (something) to (something)

To associate something with something else; to establish something as being similar to or connected with something else. I guess I'd relate the experience to being on a roller coaster.
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relate to (someone or something)

To associate oneself with someone or something; to feel a sense of kinship with or similarity to someone or something. Having grown up in quite a poor household, I could really relate to the character's struggle to find financial success. I'm worried that my son doesn't seem to relate to any of the kids in his class.
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*related to someone

connected through blood kinship or through marriage to someone. (*Typically: be ~; become ~.) I wonder if he is related to you, because he looks a little like you. I am not related to anyone here.
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Third, and relatedly, "AND" is a much less explicit description of actions, and therefore cloaks the decision to invoke AND status with some ambiguity.
Relatedly, he considers the question of whether there can be an epistemological common ground between believers and unbelievers.
Relatedly, they should be asked to identify and describe persons whom they believe are ideal fathers, or at least someone they believe comes the closest.
Relatedly, referrals by TANF staff to mental health assessment and services raise confidentiality issues.
Relatedly there should be a clear statement of mission and objectives for any program of study, as well as easily accessible information regarding number and qualifications of faculty, admissions criteria, number of students selected for admission, curriculum and graduation requirements, records of student's persistence, graduation, and job placement.
Relatedly, greater emphasis will need to be placed on coordinating the upstream and downstream provisions of construction contracts in order to avoid inconsistencies.
"Relatedly, an improved understanding of the flow and balance of government-funded research and the effect of technology transfer on the private sector is crucial for a clearer policy perspective on the overall system."
Relatedly Dyson reads correctly how the more mature King supported and actively advocated for reparations, especially for the black poor.
Thirdly and relatedly, the significance attached to women smoking changed between 1920 and 1970.
Results of the present investigation indicate that the weaker language students are not only less skilled in terms of language performance, but also, and perhaps relatedly, less skilled at assessing their language performance.
However, in addition to Balzac's self-definition in relation to other writers, many key themes are well explicated: the 'types individualises'/'individus typises'; the constant stress on unity and purposeful action; the contrast between the 'historien des idees' and the 'historien des moeurs' and, relatedly, Balzac's reactions to charges of immorality.
This non-quantum mechanical model is an approximation that has certain features which are incorrect, such as the material's thermal conductivity and, relatedly, the electron velocity.
These reservations suggest the need for a more muscular Marxism, one that could connect moral panics against youth to structural features of society such as the labour market, and relatedly, to the impact of policies of transnational corporations in the framework of economic globalization.
Finally, Molinari has taken the trouble of providing cross references, especially to topics or issues that continued to preoccupy Tasso throughout the correspondence: for example, the poem's unity and, relatedly, the legitimacy of various episodes; history vs.
Relatedly, given the major role that organized interests such as employers play in pluralistic analysis, that legal immigration policy is not driven by labor-market concerns is evidence of the inability of pluralist theory to explain immigration policy.