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*related to someone

connected through blood kinship or through marriage to someone. (*Typically: be ~; become ~.) I wonder if he is related to you, because he looks a little like you. I am not related to anyone here.
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Curricula, conceptions of intelligence, measurement, and characteristics of giftedness have received considerable focus in research related to education of gifted students.
Research indicated a lack of age appropriate growth related to social and academic responsibility among students (Mullis, Owen, & Phillips, 1990; and U.
An additional limitation concerns the lack of research that is related to career counseling with various populations.
We highlighted information in each section of this review that is related to gender and multicultural applications in order to provide a contextrich summary of the literature (Blustein, 1987; Fouad & Brown, 2000).
Beck (1985) compared undergraduate/graduate and preservice/postservice regular academic teachers who were receiving training related to students with special needs.
Impaired mobility related to a recent below-the-knee amputation
In question 1, responses which related to social skills were as follows: (a) dressing appropriately and having a good personal appearance (n=25, rank=3), (b) answering appropriately during the job interview (n=22, rank=4), (c) having good general social skills (n=12, rank=8), (d) speaking fluently during the job interview (n=7, rank=9), and (e) being polite (n=6, rank=10).
If Mark's professional corporation purchases the vacation home, all of Larry's gain is capital gain, because he is not related to the professional corporation.
16, the types of costs that may be capitalized under paragraph 76 are "direct costs" and "out-of-pocket or incremental costs" rather than recurring internal costs, which may be directly related to an acquisition.
6038A-3(b)(2) requires the maintenance of records directly or indirectly related to transactions between the reporting corporation and any foreign related parties.
The mere holding of a lien on real property does not subject a corporation to the franchise tax; however, foreclosure on any loan related to a property lien that results in obtaining title to real property in the state creates franchise tax nexus.
In addition, the proposed regulations make sweeping demands for maintaining foreign documentation otherwise created, especially so-called "pricing documents" which are broadly defined to include "all documents relevant to establishing the appropriate price or rate for transactions between the reporting corporation and any foreign related party," and then broadly illustrated by example, encompassing virtually all records potentially related to establishing transfer prices, including records that might have limited or no utility in the particular case.
318, if the stockholder and the members of the stockholder's family own, directly or indirectly, beneficially or constructively, in the aggregate, at least 50% of the value of the taxpayer's outstanding stock; (2) a stockholder or stockholder's partnership, limited liability company, estate, trust or corporation, if the stockholder and stockholder's entities own directly, indirectly, beneficially or constructively, in the aggregate, at least 50%; or (3) a corporation or a party related to the corporation in a manner that would require stock attribution under the Code, if the taxpayer owns at least 50%.
The investment banking fees related to the unsuccessful attempt to locate another suitor or a merger partner for the target.
Requests for documents related to the tender offer and consent solicitation may be directed to D.