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*related to someone

connected through blood kinship or through marriage to someone. (*Typically: be ~; become ~.) I wonder if he is related to you, because he looks a little like you. I am not related to anyone here.
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This article will offer pertinent information from scholarly literature about social and emotional concerns related to giftedness.
Attitudes and actions related to social responsibility were derived from questions 1-10, 12-13, 19, 22-23, 27-30 and 36.
We highlighted information in each section of this review that is related to gender and multicultural applications in order to provide a contextrich summary of the literature (Blustein, 1987; Fouad & Brown, 2000).
However, it is not known if the problems of these children are related to their mother's breast implants.
Illustrations of some of the functions are: conducting of needs assessments to determine the extent and nature of the needs of those with disabilities for technology and support devices (defined as assistive technology devices and assistive technology services in the law); identification and coordination of resources; training, technical assistance and public awareness programs related to technology; the direct provision of technology and support services; developing evaluation plans and collecting data; developing initiatives in consumer involvement; creation of new partnerships; and support for community-based and state organizations.
R21 applications are nonrenewable and may not be submitted by institutions that have held a P30 or P50 grant related to population research in the 10 years prior to the application date.
This creates a need to understand what attitudes, knowledge, and skills related to working with individuals with special needs that new vocational teachers should possess.
According to Smith (see "Suggested Reading"), positive patient outcomes related to nursing care were increased more than 700% (from 8% to 63%) in one facility within one year by revising and refocusing the nursing role.
In recent years, it has been pointed out that social skills and social skills training are to a great extent related to specific social situations (Bromley, 1981; Douglus & Musser, 1990; Duncan & Fiske, 1977; Kelly, 1982; Phillips, 1978; Wallace, Nelson, Liberman, Aitchison, Elder, & Ferris, 1980).
Bolger,(28) it was held that a policy that forced employees not capable of performing their normal functions to apply for light-duty assignments was lawful, so long as that policy was applied equally to all disabilities, whether related to pregnancy or not.
Indeed, the length of the initial penalty period will be inversely related to the amount of the first tax year's base period ratio.
267(f); (3) a corporation and a partnership, if the same persons own more than 50% of the stock's value and more than 50% of the partnership's capital or profits interest; (4) two S corporations, or an S corporation and a C corporation, if the same persons own more than 50% of the value of each corporation's stock; (5) a taxpayer and a trust in which the taxpayer (or spouse) is a beneficiary (unless it is a remote contingent beneficial interest); (6) an executor of an estate and a beneficiary of the estate, except for sales or exchanges to satisfy, pecuniary (dollar amount) bequests; or (7) an employer, or a person related to the employer, and a welfare benefit fund controlled by the employer or the related person.
Nearly all deaths related to an ectopic pregnancy (93%) had resulted from hemorrhage; women who died while pregnant most often had had medical problems such as cardiovascular, pulmonary or neurologic conditions (34%).
However, indirect and general expenses related to acquisitions are deducted as incurred in determining net income.
6038A-3(b)(2) requires the maintenance of records directly or indirectly related to transactions between the reporting corporation and any foreign related parties.