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relate (something) to (one)

To explain, report, or describe something to one. I was shocked when she related her experiences in the company to me. I can't tell you what it was like for everyone, but I can relate my personal experience to you.
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relate (something) to (something)

To associate something with something else; to establish something as being similar to or connected with something else. I guess I'd relate the experience to being on a roller coaster.
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relate to (someone or something)

To associate oneself with someone or something; to feel a sense of kinship with or similarity to someone or something. Having grown up in quite a poor household, I could really relate to the character's struggle to find financial success. I'm worried that my son doesn't seem to relate to any of the kids in his class.
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*related to someone

connected through blood kinship or through marriage to someone. (*Typically: be ~; become ~.) I wonder if he is related to you, because he looks a little like you. I am not related to anyone here.
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954(c)(6), enacted by TIPRA Section 103(b), treats dividends, interest, rent and royalties received or accrued from a related CFC to be outside the definition of FPHCI, to the extent attributable or properly allocable to the related person's income that is not subpart F income.
Yet pertinent research and clinical evidence support the idea that counseling approaches, when working with gifted children and adolescents, should be adjusted to accommodate their abilities and needs, both the proactive, developmentally oriented guidance and the responsive services related to personal crises, as advocated by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA, 2005) for all students.
Jacobs, a public relations consultant in Boston, MA, was diagnosed with an early, genetically related form of the disease in her thirties.
Many instruments have been devised in order to measure a person's attitudes and actions related to academic and social responsibility.
Related and Equinox have historically shared similar visions.
An employer should account for termination benefits in accordance with the measurement and recognition requirements of paragraphs 9 through 16 of this Statement, as applicable, and should include as part of the cost of termination benefits any fringe benefits related to the termination benefits and any directly resulting changes in the estimated costs of other employee benefits such as compensated absences, if reliably measurable.
the authors also noted that one of the key factors related to reemployment was the availability of vocational services.
Further, statistics for drug related homicides varied across the country with British Columbia and Quebec accounting for the highest rates of drug related homicides between 1992 to 2002 at 29 per cent each.
Approximately 9 million children in the United States suffer from asthma, and related school absences cause millions of lost work hours for parents who must stay home to care for their children.
Furthermore, there has been substantial research related to the constructs (e.
The AICPA has issued Accounting and Auditing for Related Parties and Related Party Transactions, which provides guidance on related parties and related party transactions.
htm, provides auditors and accountants with guidance on the timely subject of related parties and related-party transactions.
Incidence of catheter colonization and catheter related infection with an antiseptic impregnated triple lumen catheter [abstract].