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relate (something) to (one)

To explain, report, or describe something to one. I was shocked when she related her experiences in the company to me. I can't tell you what it was like for everyone, but I can relate my personal experience to you.
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relate (something) to (something)

To associate something with something else; to establish something as being similar to or connected with something else. I guess I'd relate the experience to being on a roller coaster.
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relate to (someone or something)

To associate oneself with someone or something; to feel a sense of kinship with or similarity to someone or something. Having grown up in quite a poor household, I could really relate to the character's struggle to find financial success. I'm worried that my son doesn't seem to relate to any of the kids in his class.
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relate something to someone

to tell something to someone; to narrate something to someone. Very slowly, she related the events of the past week to her parents. I have an interesting story to relate to you.
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relate something to something

to associate something to something. I relate this particular problem to the failure of the company to provide proper training. This point is related to what I just told you.
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relate to someone or something

to understand, accept, or feel kinship with someone or something. He relates to people well. I really don't relate to your thinking at all.
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relate to

1. To have a connection, relation, or reference to something: My question relates to your earlier work.
2. To establish a connection, relation, or reference between one thing and another: She related the painful experience to having a tooth pulled at the dentist.
3. To narrate or relay some information to someone; tell something to someone: When he related the story to us, he left out the part about himself.
4. To have or establish a reciprocal relationship with someone; interact with someone: Your child seems to relate well to her peers.
5. To empathize or identify with someone or something: I simply can't relate to such an extreme viewpoint.
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This was because villains' motivations were often much smaller and more personal and therefore more relatable.
Donna rose to fame on It's Showtime's Funny One segment with her relatable hugot monologue about heartbreak and an unfaithful lover she calls 'James.'
What sets this one apart from other YouTube shows is that it tackles sensitive topics that are relatable to the young Omani.
"The storylines and characters are very relatable to kids."
Getting COMFY distills Jordan's experiences, experimentation and goals into a practical and relatable guide that follows a collection of recommendations.
"The more honest I am in my dancing," he says, "the more relatable it will be to people."
In her time at the MMTC, Keenan focused reaching out to multicultural communities to make "complex and esoteric telecom policies relatable" -- and to bridge the digital divide.
Going back to basics and using real talent, to place oneself in the audiences' shoes and identify topics that are relatable and intriguing.
The story is relatable, and there are characters you can root for.
An invitation for women to create fashion statements by wearing what they love, look beautiful, and feel comfortable at all times, the spring fashion collection by H&M is all about natural and effortless beauty that's relatable and feminine with a positive and uplifting energy.
From streaming behind-the-scenes footage at the Golden Globe Awards show with Spectacles to designing more than 100 custom emoji decals that represent what real women look like, L'Oreal's digital efforts aim to make beauty accessible and relatable. The brand even has a program called Women in Digital that supports female entrepreneurs looking to launch digital programs aimed at revolutionizing beauty, "L'Oreal is putting women at the center of innovation efforts in their company, driving female entrepreneurs to innovate and push the boundaries of knowledge and become leaders in the beauty, fashion and technology industries," notes CMO Marie Gulin-Merle.
Deborah Hart has made a deliberate choice to make the stories relatable to nearly every audience.
It provides practical tools and information to make the connection between health and housing conditions relatable to everyone.