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relapse into (something)

To return to a former state or condition after an apparent or partial recovery. The patient relapsed into a psychotic state due to an incorrect prescription of medication. He had been sober for nearly 20 years, but he relapsed into heavy drinking after the death of his daughter.
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relapse into something

to experience a return to a worse condition. Valerie relapsed into a coma in the afternoon. Mary relapsed into her depression after a brief period of normalcy.
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Taking as a reference the number of participants who were abstinent at the end of the treatment (n = 221), there were 119 relapses (53.85%) over the 12 months of follow-up, while the total number of participants remaining abstinent from the end of the treatment and throughout the follow-ups was 102 (46.15%).
These rates correspond to hazard ratios for relapse of 0.66, 0.55, and 0.71, respectively.
"It is the first time such a large group of samples, taken from children at initial diagnosis and then again at relapse, has been gathered together.
The data were obtained from the medical histories of patients and the following characteristics were analyzed: sex, age at the time of diagnosis, germinal center B-cell (GCB)/non-GCB subtype [14], initial treatment, time of disease relapse (early relapse [less than or equal to] 12 months from the end of the first-line treatment, late relapse > 12 months from the end of the first line of treatment).
Steroid dependence: Two consecutive relapses when on alternate day steroids or within 14 days of its discontinuation.
Immunophenotypic features were compatible with AML clone found at diagnosis and first relapse, although CD56 was dim positive.
CNS relapse occurred in 17 (81%) patients within six months after completion of therapy.
Irrespective of treatment protocols, relapses in paediatric population is dependent on the duration of initial remission,17 followed by predilection for extra-medullary relapses, especially CNS.
Fox says MS relapses most commonly affect three areas:
The low relapse rate documented in the present study suggests that the current WHO recommended MDT is effective in preventing relapses and deformities among MDT treated leprosy patients in the programme settings.
ASCEND evaluated the efficacy and safety of natalizumab to slow the accumulation of disability progression unrelated to relapse in SPMS patients, an unmet medical need.
It is now eligible for Exceptional Access Programme reimbursement, retroactively effective from April 29, 2014, for people living with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis who meet the following criteria, requires TECFIDERA for the proper treatment of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis; has had one or more clinical relapses in the year preceding the request; has a recent Expanded Disability Status Scale score equal to five; and requested and followed by a neurologist experienced in the management of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis.
Furthermore, the groups did not differ with respect to number of relapses: These were 1.25 per person-year in the 2-month group vs.
They were considered to have "breakthrough" MS, which means that their treatment that had been working previously stopped being effective, leading to worsening disability and more frequent relapses, as well as increased evidence of disease activity on brain scans.