relapse into

relapse into (something)

To return to a former state or condition after an apparent or partial recovery. The patient relapsed into a psychotic state due to an incorrect prescription of medication. He had been sober for nearly 20 years, but he relapsed into heavy drinking after the death of his daughter.
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relapse into something

to experience a return to a worse condition. Valerie relapsed into a coma in the afternoon. Mary relapsed into her depression after a brief period of normalcy.
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At any small surprise of the senses he would start visibly and sometimes turn pale, then relapse into a melancholy apathy deeper than before.
"Forcing Stanford to relapse into addiction or lose his benefits would ...
"In our view," the court went on to say, "a risk of relapse into substance dependence--like a risk of relapse into cardiac distress or a risk of relapse into orthopedic complications--can swell to so significant a level as to constitute a current disability."
They reported that the incidence of relapse into a manic episode was significantly lower in the olanzapine group than in the lithium group (14.3% vs.
Mauricio Tohen, a researcher at Lilly Research Laboratories in Indianapolis, "'yet more patients remained on olanzapine throughout this year-long study, and it was more effective than lithium in preventing relapse into mania."
A memory center of the brain acts as an ignition switch for relapse into cocaine addiction, scientists suggest in the May 11 SCIENCE.
After remission of the symptoms of bipolar disorder, patients who received olanzapine had a significantly lower rate of relapse into mania than patients who received lithium, said Dr.
It was estimated that 25% of the lithium patients would relapse into mania by 212 days, which was significantly sooner than an estimated 380 days for 25% of the olanzapine patients in the study, presented at the Third European Stanley Foundation Conference on Bipolar Disorder in Freiburg, Germany.