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rejoice in (something)

To find great joy, amusement, or delight in or about something. Just because you weren't successful doesn't mean you should rejoice in seeing other people fail. I always rejoice in an opportunity to spend time with my kids.
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rejoice at (something)

To celebrate about or because of something; to be very joyous or delighted about something. People flooded the streets rejoicing at the team's victory. We rejoiced at the announcement that law was being repealed.
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rejoice over (something)

To celebrate, revel, or make merry about or because of something. People flooded the streets rejoicing over the team's victory. Before you start rejoicing over the success of the project, we should take stock of how far back costs of the development set us.
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It is a poor heart that never rejoices.

 and It is a sad heart that never rejoices.
Prov. Even a habitually sad person cannot be sad all the time. (Sometimes used to indicate that a habitually sad person is happy about something.) Jill: I've never seen Sam smile before, but today, at his retirement party, he smiled. Jane: It is a poor heart that never rejoices.
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rejoice at something

to celebrate or revel about something. Everyone rejoiced at the lucky events that had saved them. We all rejoiced at the outcome of the election.
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rejoice in someone or something

to take great joy at someone or something. I am in love and I rejoice in my beloved! Roger rejoices in a good night's sleep.
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rejoice over something

to celebrate because of something. Everyone rejoiced over their good fortune. What happened to us next was nothing to rejoice over.
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rejoice in

Have or possess something highly desirable, as in He rejoices in a keen mind. [Late 1400s]
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rejoice in

To feel joyful or delighted about something or someone: All the fans rejoiced in the team's success.
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I dedicate this award to all who work for the environment," said Deputy Minister Rejoice Mabudafhasi, on receiving the WESSA Life-time Achievers Award for Conservation.
And now I rejoice in the sporting success achieved these past two weeks during the Olympics.
This May 18th is not just a day only to rejoice and celebrate O' Sri Lanka, but also a day remember the three decades of Terrorist and Separatist war and sufferings and sacrifice made by all the Sri Lankans.
Then we can be glad and rejoice in His great love for us this and every day.
RAINBOW PEOPLE RAINBOW WORLD Rainbow people, Rainbow world, Let the people sing rejoice, To the music of happiness Flowers' pollen floating in The hot ore sun, glacier frozen mountains Flowing blue river, golden sands, Children laughing in merriment Rainbow people, Rainbow world.
I prefer to rejoice at the brilliance of Ruby Walsh, Tony McCoy, Paul Carberry and Davy Russell.
I will rejoice that people with conditions such as asthma and cystic fibrosis, both of which are no fault of theirs, will have the human right to enjoy an evening at a public house currently denied to them because of the physical harm it will do them.
Let us all rejoice in the Lord and keep festival in honor of those who gave their lives for others, who taught us the wonders of life through their brave struggle to live, who died for the cause of justice, who left no other mark on the world than their love of God in their love for others.
The Gift of the Hawk is a collection of brief, free-verse poems that search for truth amid darkness, violence, and death, and rejoice in the joy of love amid a complex world.
While William Jasper's review of the motion picture The Interpreter ("Hollywood Bouquet to Embattled UN" in the May 30 issue) exposes Hollywood's pro-UN slant, I think we conservatives should rejoice somewhat that pro-Castro director Sydney Pollack portrays the Marxist, racist murderer Robert Mugabe (though not by name) for the thug that he is.
I rejoice that Anglicans are deeply committed to bringing Christ's healing and compassion to a needy world wherever and however the opportunity presents itself.
Not too hard, in case your wheezy chests collapse, but rejoice all the same.
I know he is looking down on all of us right now and wants us to rejoice and celebrate his life.
Nyamajiwa denies murdering hairdresser Rejoice Singwere at the flat they shared in Villiers Street, Stoke, Coventry.