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meals rejected by Ethiopians

A false, humorous expansion of the initialism MRE, which actually stands for "meal ready to eat," a (typically military) food ration pack that requires no further preparation. The joke is that the food is so unpleasant that even someone who is starving would reject it. The association of Ethiopians with starvation could be considered offensive. After 12 long months eating meals rejected by Ethiopians, I'm ready to get back to home-cooked meals.
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meals rejected by the enemy

A false, humorous expansion of the initialism MRE, which actually stands for "meal ready to eat" (a military ration pack that requires no further preparation). The joke is that the food is so unpleasant that it had been discarded by the enemy before being repackaged for one's own consumption. After 12 long months eating meals rejected by the enemy, I'm ready to get back to home-cooked meals in my own home.
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reject (someone or something) out of hand

1. To dismiss, deny, or refuse someone or something immediately and without due discussion or consideration. She's so stubborn that she just rejected my suggestion out of hand. We'd like to try some alternative treatments. They're a bit unconventional, but please don't reject them out of hand. The company rejected me out of hand because I didn't have any prior experience as a baker.
2. To refuse to accept someone as a friend, relative, or loved one without due discussion or consideration. My grandmother rejected me out of hand when I came out as gay. If someone rejects you out of hand as their friend just because of what you believe in, then that person wasn't a real friend to begin with.
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reject someone or something out of hand

to reject someone or something without any thought or study. Fred is so contrary that they rejected him out of hand when his name came up for a committee position.
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meals rejected by Ethiopians

n. military rations, MRE = meal ready to eat. (Cruelly designated at a time when Ethiopians where starving to death. Implying that not even starving humans would eat MREs. That said, it is also known that such rations have been rejected by hungry people who desire more familiar food.) The reporter was embarrassed to describe the MREs as “meals rejected by Ethiopians.”
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It was held that the factors such as a delay in rejecting would be taken into consideration.
In fact, much of medicine is based on pattern recognition (the five P's of limb ischemia, malignant cells on pathology slides) and given the choice between accepting discomforting data that doesn't fit the expected pattern or rejecting it, the choice is clear.
Members of the Transport and General Workers Union are considering whether to take industrial action after rejecting the latest offer from Travel West Midlands.
Today, Bowen and Bok carry Powell's flag, explicitly rejecting the liberal compensatory rationale in favor of a hard-headed pragmatism that will win them points in corporate circles.
Second, if defendant's membership decisions are subject to the Unruh Civil Rights Act, would enforcement of the statute, so as to prohibit defendant from rejecting plaintiff's application for the position of assistant scoutmaster, violate defendant's (or its members') right of association under the First and Fourteenth Amendments of the federal Constitution?
The court while rejecting the appeal pleas against the filing of nomination papers, allowed both of the leaders to contest the election.
The bench was requested to set aside the returning officer's decision of rejecting the nomination papers of the former finance minister.
He said that four companies submitted their bids for the contract but the petitioner-firm qualified and the PCAA accepted its bid while rejecting other three firms on technical grounds.
Archbishop Bernard Amos Malango of Central Africa told Anglican Journal that the lack of reference about rejecting money in the statement was merely "an oversight." He said the primates did agree during their meeting that "if the trend continues we're not accepting money."
On appeal, the Ninth Circuit reversed and remanded, rejecting Brewery's logic in favor of the Second Circuit's in Fran Corp., 164 F3d 814 (1998), and the Third Circuit's in East Wind Industries, Inc., 196 F3d 499 (1999).
In this year's cases, courts continued this trend by rejecting a number of theories devised by plaintiffs in the hope of clearing the nearly insurmountable hurdle posed by the federal rules.
Central to Russell's case is a contrast between Latin Christianity as a "universalist" religion which through Judaic and Hellenic influences had become "world-rejecting," and the folk religions practiced by the Germanic tribes, which, as extensions of their communities, were essentially "world-accepting." World rejecting in this context has to do with a search for spiritual salvation, a search which, as institutionalized in the churches in the cities of the Roman Empire, offered psychic refuge from a world characterized by social and cultural disintegration.
The court held that the district court did not abuse its decision in rejecting Adlman's attorney-client privilege argument.
It was also stated that the reasons for rejecting the bill had been sent to the government.