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reject someone or something out of hand

to reject someone or something without any thought or study. Fred is so contrary that they rejected him out of hand when his name came up for a committee position.
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meals rejected by Ethiopians

n. military rations, MRE = meal ready to eat. (Cruelly designated at a time when Ethiopians where starving to death. Implying that not even starving humans would eat MREs. That said, it is also known that such rations have been rejected by hungry people who desire more familiar food.) The reporter was embarrassed to describe the MREs as “meals rejected by Ethiopians.”
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As many as 467 forms for the category of General Member for Union Committee have been accepted and 166 forms rejected.
The spokesman further said that 46 nomination forms were submitted for PB-16 Loralai-11 and 25 forms were accepted and 21 rejected, 15 for PB-17 Barkhan, 14 were accepted and one was rejected, 33 for PB-18 Sherani-cum-Zhob, 15 were accepted and 18 rejected, 35 for PB-19 Zhob and all forms were approved, 22 for PB-20 Killa Saifullah and all papers were accepted, 34 for PB-21 Sibi, 32 were accepted and two rejected, 44 for PB-22 Harnai-cum-Sibi and all forms were accepted, 36 for PB-23 Kohlu, 33 were accepted and three rejected, 17 for PB-24 Dera Bugti, 15 were accepted and two rejected, 51 for PB-26 Jaffarabad-11 and 47 were approved and four rejected and 42 for PB-27 Jaffarabad-111 and 40 were accepted and two rejected.
Voters in Maine rejected one that would have increased taxes on the beverage industry in order to fund the state's health care program.
2-2006), Information for Authorized IRS e-file Providers of Exempt Organization Filings, if a return is rejected, the taxpayer has 20 days to correct and retransmit a rejected return, provided it was originally transmitted on or before the due date or extended due date.
Catholic Relief Services has rejected an openly gay priest for a post ministering to people with HIV/ AIDS.
Utility vehicle shoppers who reject a vehicle due to gas mileage will typically purchase a smaller utility vehicle that is similar in configuration to the larger vehicle they rejected.
They and their neighbors in a tidy Norwood neighborhood were to be evicted by Norwood officials in favor of a developer who had plans to replace their homes with a condominium-office-shopping complex; the court decision rejected Norwood's "right" to do so.
Creditors rejected VarigLog's offer on Monday, and an initial bid from an employee-led consortium collapsed when it was unable to make a cash down payment.
Under the prior Bankruptcy Code, the entire amount of the landlord's claim was entitled to administrative status when the debtor had initially assumed the lease but later rejected the lease.
Verse 22 recalls that the stone rejected by the builders as unsuitable becomes the cornerstone toward which the other building stones are oriented.
The researchers found that the brains of these rejected lovers behaved differently than those of the contented lovers in the previous study.
Chris Beach, manager of the FTB's filing methods section, listed the most common reasons e-filed practitioner returns are rejected.
In 2002 the Magisterium spoke on Catholics in politics; in 2003 it rejected same-sex "marriage;" in June 2004 then-Cardinal Ratzinger said No to Communion for those who publicly oppose Catholic teaching on grave moral issues ("Worthiness to receive Holy Communion," C.
Although receiving a license back, the original owner may be concerned that the license will be rejected in the event of insolvency of the purchaser insurance company or that the purchaser may dilute the value of the intellectual property by subsequent assignments, sublicensing and public disclosure.
As a result, the entire lot of material was rejected and returned.