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reissue (something) to (one)

To reallocate, reassign, or redistribute something officially to one again. You'll need to contact the hospital to reissue a new copy of your birth certification to you before you'll be able to complete the application for a new passport. The company has stated that to will reissue tickets to all customers free of charge.
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reissue something to someone

to release or distribute to someone something that has been distributed before. I plan to reissue the check to you next week. The check was reissued to Mary the very next day.
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THE UNIVERSITY OF Alberta Press has devoted a certain number of titles each year to reissuing books of value to future generations.
*Under the deemed reissuance rule, B is treated as reissuing the obligation to X with a $70 issue price and a $100 stated redemption price at maturity.
Martin's Press next month is reissuing the 1978 "novelization" of The Red Shoes: The Classic Story ($16.95).
Both the likelihood of a firm reissuing shares and of insiders selling shares in the open market are increasing in the cumulative returns to the firm's stock following the IPO.
Lacoste pays tribute to the inventiveness of its founder, Rene Lacoste, and to its history by reissuing a selection of polo shirts and emblematic items from its archives to celebrate its 85th anniversary.
Sources told the incumbent provincial government rebuffed to reissuing alcohol licenses which were cancelled in previous government of Muttahida Majlis Amal (MMA).
'Open to Judgement', 'Resurrection' and 'Wound of Knowledge' by Dr Rowan Williams, the newly named replacement for George Carey as Archbishop of Canterbury are in such demand that publishers Darton, Longman and Todd have responded by reissuing them.
Maybe that's why all the classical record companies keep recording the classics over and over and reissuing older versions of them at the same time.
Though New York-based Rialto Pictures specializes in the theatrical reissuing of restored versions of such legendary films as Fellini's "Nights of Cabiria" (1957) and Godard's "Contempt" (1963), Rialto co-presidents Bruce Goldstein and Mike Thomas are proud to point out that the genesis of their company revolves around a film that isn't normally grouped with those of the European masters: Russ Meyer's "Faster, Pussycat!
Sony Classical is busy reissuing his old Columbia Masterworks LPs, restoring repertoire not previously available on CD (this is the company's second reissue program since Bernstein's death).
Under the proposed regulations, B is treated as satisfying its note for $125 immediately before S's bad debt deduction and reissuing a new note with a $125 issue price and a $200 stated redemption price at maturity.