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reissue (something) to (one)

To reallocate, reassign, or redistribute something officially to one again. You'll need to contact the hospital to reissue a new copy of your birth certification to you before you'll be able to complete the application for a new passport. The company has stated that to will reissue tickets to all customers free of charge.
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reissue something to someone

to release or distribute to someone something that has been distributed before. I plan to reissue the check to you next week. The check was reissued to Mary the very next day.
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Narrowing reissue offers a means for patent holders to hedge against uncertainty by reinforcing a patent's claims so they can better withstand invalidity and ineligibility challenges.
For the most part, the new-look reissue companies launched by doing what comes naturally.
[paragraph] 29 Finally, in its reply brief, Apple essentially reiterated the points in its opening brief, but noted again that historical allusions to cases such as Bridgeport Brass were inapposite because that era preceded a time when there were clear statutory bounds for broadening reissues. (112) The policy arguments of the government simply did not justify an extra-statutory limitation.
Concord said the first reissue, the chart-topping 1973 Wings album "Band on the Run," would come out in August with bonus material.
It shows that an entertaining reissue can also be a significant piece of research.
Nevertheless, I have a slew of original Everest records, and these two reissues surpass every one of them in every way.
The most welcome recent reissue consists of recordings of Haydn's early symphonies (No.
"The reissues that are important were made by people way ahead of the curve," says O'Rourke.
Moreover, upward adjustment in price and shares offered lead to greater proceeds at the IPO, perhaps mitigating the need to reissue or sell shares in the open market.
Jazz currently accounts for only around 3 percent of domestic album sales; by 1987, when CD fever hit, major jazz labels were releasing at least two reissues for each new album on CD.
Also getting reissues are 1976's Presence, which will include previously unheard instrumental 10 Ribs & All/ Carrot Pod Pod (Pod), and In Through the Out Door, with early versions of All My Love and I'm Gonna Crawl.
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - The Good Son/Tender Prey/Henry's Dream (deluxe edition reissues) Abandonment, death and love are the overriding themes on the reissues of the fifth, sixth and seventh albums from Mr Cave and his collective.
PART of a collection of reissues celebrating the legendary indie label.
Eager to boost reissues and unrated versions, DVD marketers have grown increasingly creative with enhanced monikers connoting everything from racier content to a fresh view of old themes.