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reissue something to someone

to release or distribute to someone something that has been distributed before. I plan to reissue the check to you next week. The check was reissued to Mary the very next day.
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3)If the auditor decides not to reissue his or her report, the auditor may agree to be engaged to audit the financial statements for a period subsequent to that covered by the original report.
Charles Gorenstein, partner at BSKB stated, "The decision improperly limits the rights of patentees to seek reissue.
OSI believes that the reissue of the Tarceva patent, which now includes a claim that solely identifies Tarceva, is a highly successful outcome, CEO Colin Goddard said.
Since its release last July, the film has already grossed over $700,000, making it the most successful foreign language reissue since Miramax's "Purple Noon" in 1996.
Data breaches are challenging for all parties involved, but because United Heritage has the capability to reissue cards instantly, we have experienced a very positive response from our members," said Michael Ver Schuur, executive vice president and CFO of United Heritage.
Here's just a sampling from the more than 300 records and reissues arriving in stores today:
Reasons to be cheerful: A documentary on the Funk Brothers spotlighted Motown's forgotten session players, and a terrific reissue program from reggae's Trojan label provided some of the year's best moments.
Originally released in 1977, the original is going for big bucks, but the Dangerhouse reissue is a fraction of the price.
and soul legend Al Green will get the deluxe reissue treatment in February as his first four albums - ``Green Is Blues,'' ``Al Green Gets Next to You,'' ``Let's Stay Together'' and ``I'm Still in Love With You'' - will be re-released by Hi Records/EMI on Feb.
As previously reported, in December 2005 the Court issued its Judgment directing the Water Board to reissue the Water License with the inclusion of additional language which had been agreed between the Company and the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development.
A Love Supreme (Deluxe Edition)'' is a two-disc reissue struck from recently discovered master tapes.
Jazz reissue producer Michael Cascuna discussed how he decided on the box set's 39 tunes.
The lawsuits alleged that title insurance companies overcharged borrowers for such premiums by failing to charge them a discounted premium as required by Florida law, known as the Reissue Rate.
The granddaddy of all dystopian sci-fi spectacles, Fritz Lang's 1927 silent masterpiece gets a reverent, 75th-anniversary reissue here.
The lawsuit alleged that The Fund overcharged borrowers for such premiums by failing to charge them a discounted premium as required by Florida law, known as the Reissue Rate.