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reissue (something) to (one)

To reallocate, reassign, or redistribute something officially to one again. You'll need to contact the hospital to reissue a new copy of your birth certification to you before you'll be able to complete the application for a new passport. The company has stated that to will reissue tickets to all customers free of charge.
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reissue something to someone

to release or distribute to someone something that has been distributed before. I plan to reissue the check to you next week. The check was reissued to Mary the very next day.
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Caption: The Combat Unit Carbine (top) is a modern take on the AR-15 with a mid-length gas system, while the M16A1 Reissue harkens back to the original rifle.
Broadening and narrowing reissues can provide excellent opportunities for turning around underperforming patents.
Reportedly, each of these generic companies had previously filed an abbreviated new drug application with the US Food and Drug Administration seeking approval to market a generic form of celecoxib in the US beginning in May 2014, prior to the 2 December 2015 expiration of the reissue patent.
An expatriate is now required to pay QR914 for getting an ordinary passport or reissue of a 60-page passport with 10-year validity under the Tatkal Scheme.
Reissues, a booming side of the major labels' business during the CD era, have gone into eclipse with the waning of the format, but a new breed of catalog imprint run by veteran execs--most of them former chieftains at major catalog divisions--is enthusiastically picking up the slack.
[paragraph] 4 Where reissue applications likely serve a valuable function in the patent system, how can we separate the wheat from the chaff so that patent owners may broaden claim scope after the statutory window of two years after issuance has closed, while still protecting the public's right to rely on the scope of the patent as originally issued?
Two years later, the patent office ruled it will reissue the patent, as revised, if Pfizer pays a fee of $1,510 within three months.
During the past few years, there have been numerous reissues of historical calypso recordings, including more than a dozen CDs from Rounder Records.
Both these releases have been out for long enough that anyone with the slightest interest in classic music and/or classic reissues most likely already has them.
I'M working with reissue label Detour Records and I'm trying to trace a band from Birmingham who released one of the great lost punk records.
Jurisdictions recognize this and will reissue a payment upon the request of a vendor after determining that the original check has not been negotiated and is included on the stale-dated check list.
The extension was supposed to give copyright owners added incentive to reissue classic works in newer formats.
The Stuff Smith disc is a reissue of an LP originally released in 1965 (EmArcy 26008), which documents a live date at Jazzhus Montmartre in Copenhagen.
Originally released in 2004, this expanded reissue adds 17 remixes by cult-level electronic artists (Soft Pink Truth, Solex), the best of which judiciously expand the curious sonic lexicon of the originals; Efterklang enhances the spectral "Campfire" with harp and accordion, yielding results as lovely and as loopy as Bjork at her most introspective.