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reissue (something) to (one)

To reallocate, reassign, or redistribute something officially to one again. You'll need to contact the hospital to reissue a new copy of your birth certification to you before you'll be able to complete the application for a new passport. The company has stated that to will reissue tickets to all customers free of charge.
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reissue something to someone

to release or distribute to someone something that has been distributed before. I plan to reissue the check to you next week. The check was reissued to Mary the very next day.
See also: reissue
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3)If the auditor decides not to reissue his or her report, the auditor may agree to be engaged to audit the financial statements for a period subsequent to that covered by the original report.
OSI believes that the reissue of the Tarceva patent, which now includes a claim that solely identifies Tarceva, is a highly successful outcome, CEO Colin Goddard said.
Since its release last July, the film has already grossed over $700,000, making it the most successful foreign language reissue since Miramax's "Purple Noon" in 1996.
Originally released in 1977, the original is going for big bucks, but the Dangerhouse reissue is a fraction of the price.