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"There is a big difference between riding horses for fun and the sport of reining, and that is what I am trying to teach them," Mr Poard told the GDN.
Mr Poard started horse-riding at the age of six and has been training reining for the past 20 years.
Compared to the speed and power of reining, the trail event is slow, but that's why Susan Hamer likes it.
If reining is gymnastics, then trail is choreographed dance, Hamer said.
But apparently we're not meant to turn around the reviewer's last sentence so that it reads: "To increase the human power to coerce others is therefore to increase the human capacity for evil; to rein in evil might require reining in the extent to which people can coerce others."
The owners of Reining Cats and Dogs have teamed up with some of the best pet resources in Raleigh and beyond to create their Healthy Pet Corner.
Reining Cats and Dogs Pet Sitting, based in Raleigh, NC, is working on expanding and starting to service the Creedmoor area, which is located just north of Raleigh.