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reinforce (something) with (something)

1. To make something stronger, sturdier, or more resilient by additional materials or supports. We need to reinforce this wall with steel beams, or else it could come crashing down under the weight of the house. They started reinforcing the barricade with anything heavy they could find in the house.
2. To give a military force greater strength by adding more troops, personnel, equipment, etc. We'll hopefully be able to reinforce our active squadrons with more soldiers by the end of the month. The new spending bill aims to reinforce troops on the ground with more advanced weaponry and communications equipment.
3. To make some feeling or thought process stronger, more effective, or more forceful with the addition of supporting evidence or action. These kinds of people simply reinforce their prejudices with cherry-picked information that omits or ignores anything that goes against their own narrative. It's important to reinforce your child's sense of safety and wellbeing with displays of affection and words of encouragement.
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reinforce someone or something with something

to strengthen someone or something with something. The general reinforced his troops with volunteers fresh from basic training. I had to reinforce the garage roof with new boards.
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It can be concluded that the reinforcing effect of TG geobelt was slightly better than that of CPE geobelt.
The linkage element represented the stress transfer from the concrete to the steel bar as a double spring having one direction parallel and one perpendicular to the axes of the reinforcing steel (Figure 2).
Hydrophobic Sipernat D17 and D11 are used as anticaking agents for extremely hygroscopic powders, and FK140 and FK160 as reinforcing fillers in silicone rubber.
Certainly there are genetic reasons why many events are reinforcing for specific behaviors, responds Skinner.
Aerosil 130, 200, 300 and 380 are pyrogenic silicas used as thixotropes and reinforcing fillers for silicone rubber and as additives to prevent plateout in calendered PVC.
Rubbersil UDS grades are ultra dispersible and highly reinforcing silicas, especially designed to improve the interaction with the rubber compounds, increasing the filler reinforcing capability.
According to Nyco, RRIMGlos provides reinforcing characteristics similar to milled glass together with surface quality in painted parts that is "almost equal" to that of unfilled RIM.
The first, called low-density mat molding, involves injection and foaming over a reinforcing mat.
Each of the tires comprises, in each sidewall, at least one additional layer of reinforcing elements forming with the circumferential direction an angle of between 20[degrees] and 60[degrees], the orientation of the reinforcing elements of the additional layer in a sidewall being symmetrical to the orientation of the reinforcing elements of the additional layer in the other sidewall in relation to the equatorial plane, the angle formed by the plane comprising a reinforcing element of an additional layer with a radial plane comprising the radially inner end of said reinforcing element being oriented in the direction of rotation of the mounted assembly corresponding to the forward movement of the vehicle in the rear tire and in the opposite direction in the front tire.
Emergency personnel on the scene pointed to the steel reinforcing rods, all of which pulled cleanly out of the concrete, and Buildings Commissioner Gaston Silva described that as unusual, since many collapses leave lumps of concrete encrusted to the rods.
A new version of its Fiberfrax ceramic fiber reinforcing filler has been introduced by Carborundum Co.'s Fibers Div., Niagara Falls, N.Y.
Key statement: Provided are a functional reinforcing filler and a method of preparing the same, and more particularly, a functional reinforcing filler including inorganic particles having a surface modified by an organic silane-polyol obtained by hydrolyzing an organic alkoxysilane compound and a method of preparing the same.
The concrete spalling had occurred because in most locations on the building there was inadequate concrete coverage over the reinforcing steel.
Koster also maintains that competing thermoplastic composite technologies, such as those based on comingled thermoplastic and reinforcing fibers, are too slow in consolidation of the shaped component and too expensive in the spinning of the thermoplastic matrix.