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reimburse someone for something

to repay someone for making a purchase, such as a business expense. I will reimburse you for whatever it cost you. The treasurer reimbursed himself for his expenses.
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reimburse something to someone

to repay money to someone, such as a business expense. I will reimburse the money to you. Don't worry. The full cost was reimbursed to me.
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Where the port rejects the ownership changes, it may be responsible for reimbursing the tenant for any improvements made at the terminal and locating a replacement operator.
Pierce O'Donnell, 57, is accused of reimbursing seven friends and business associates for $25,500 donated to Hahn's successful 2001 mayoral campaign.
Thus, both the current and proposed programs for reimbursing T&E expenses require employees to make an "adequate accounting" to the employer by submitting "adequate records" that would satisfy the substantiation requirement of Regs.
He is accused of reimbursing colleagues and his personal trainer for $25,000 in donations made to Hahn in May 2000 and February 2001.
reasonably anticipated and calculated the drivers' expenses before reimbursing them.
In fall 2003, 87% of plans reported reimbursing for Strattera, up from 58% in spring 2003.