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reimburse someone for something

to repay someone for making a purchase, such as a business expense. I will reimburse you for whatever it cost you. The treasurer reimbursed himself for his expenses.
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reimburse something to someone

to repay money to someone, such as a business expense. I will reimburse the money to you. Don't worry. The full cost was reimbursed to me.
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The efforts to reimburse the totalamount to 14,000 accounts that had been wrongly overcharged would come to an end on the last working day before Christmas (Friday), he added.
It had originally planned to reimburse the government at the end of 2012.
The HRA reimburses substantiated medical care expenses up to a maximum annual reimbursement amount.
In Situation 2, Trust's governing instrument requires the trustee to reimburse G, from Trust income or principal, for the amount of tax attributable to the inclusion of all, or part, of Trust's income in G's taxable income.
Markey asked GAO to study the extent to which DOE reimburses its contractors' litigation costs and the process for doing so.
The federal medical claims office reimburses all providers according to either DRGs or standard cost protocols.
This coverage, which reimburses principals for up to $15,000 of identity fraud expenses, is included as part of Power Pac(SM), Travelers' package of business owner policy endorsements.
Approximately $15 million in recent federal disaster funding reimburses local schools affected by the August 2016 floods for repairs, replacing buses and temporary classrooms.
The employer's HRA is a retirement HRA that only reimburses medical expenses incurred after the individual retires.
As part of the transfer, XYZ reimburses the employee for all moving-related expenditures.
Currently Medicare reimburses dialysis centers $10 per 1,000 units of the drug.
Innovative Provider Initiative Reimburses Physicians for Using Evidence-Based Clinical Guidelines