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reimburse someone for something

to repay someone for making a purchase, such as a business expense. I will reimburse you for whatever it cost you. The treasurer reimbursed himself for his expenses.
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reimburse something to someone

to repay money to someone, such as a business expense. I will reimburse the money to you. Don't worry. The full cost was reimbursed to me.
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Procurement Contracting A Reimbursable Internal - Worth 3,105,384 Lei for A Period of 25 Years, in Order to Progress and Completion of the Project: Modernization (Asphalt) Roads in Valea Mare, Olt County.
A system that can provide other therapeutic services besides bathing, especially reimbursable services, can sometimes eliminate the necessity of purchasing a single-purpose type of equipment.
Importantly, this is reimbursable under Medicare Part B.
Procurement Reimbursable Contracting Totaling 6,495,379.
Credit granting services - domestic reimbursable financing amounting to 3,000,000 RON, by successive withdrawals over a period of 6 years and a grace period of 2 years with interest ROBOR 1M + percentage points per year, practiced by the bidder, in addition over ROBOR interest.
Procurement Contracting A Reimbursable Financing Amounting to 2,194,035 Lei to Cover Financial Obligations Related to the Investment Objective of Works Made with Classes I-Viii School Vaduri, Com.
The decision to maintain Tanakan([R]) on the list of reimbursable medicines by French Social Security now belongs to the Minister of Health and Solidarities.
The introduction of a 'Postivliste' (positive list), a list of drugs granted reimbursable status, and the contents of the 'Negativliste' (negative list), a list of drugs without reimbursable status, has been the focal point of much friction between the government, the pharmaceutical industry and doctors' associations.
Contract Services an / Some Internal Reimbursable Amounting to Au 110 540 303 Internal Loan Refinancing Contract From Romanian Commercial Bank (Dm No.
PARIS -- Technip (Paris:TEC) (NYSE:TKP) (ISIN:FR0000131708) has been awarded a reimbursable ("cost plus fee") contract worth approximately USD 200 million by Origin Energy Resources (Kupe) Limited ("Origin") for the overall development of the Kupe Gas Project.
Prior Information Notice: Application process for urinary and ostomy products reimbursable under the gms and the community drugs scheme
Innovative Products or Treatments Not Already Reimbursable Under New, Tighter CMS Rules Must Show Compelling Clinical Benefit, Tangible Cost Reduction, Says ONSET's Kuhling
260 million of reimbursable financial incentives and Euro 6.
Contract award: contracting an internal reimbursable 20,000,000 worth in order to refinance the loan contracted.