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in the reign of Queen Dick

dated At no point ever. (Used to show skepticism over an absurd or unbelievable story.) John: "And after a half-hour struggle, I managed to haul in a fish that weighed over 30 pounds!" Charlie: "Sure, John. That happened in the reign of Queen Dick."
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reign of terror

A period of oppression by a hostile ruler. Sometimes used hyperbolically. The people could only tolerate the dictator's reign of terror for so long before they started a revolution. Is mom finished with her reign of terror, or do we have to keep cleaning the house every weekend?
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reign supreme

To be the best or most influential thing in a particular area or era. France's fashion houses still reign supreme today. Disco music reigned supreme in the 1970s.
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reign over (someone or something)

1. To control someone or something with absolute authority or power. The dictator has reigned over the country with an iron fist since his military coup in 1987. It's been 30 years since the monarchy reigned over us, and some parts of the population wish we could go back to that time.
2. To be a very influential or widespread force over someone or something. Terror has been reigning over our citizens ever since the war began.
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give free rein to someone

 and give someone free rein
Fig. to allow someone to be completely in charge (of something). (Alludes to loosening the reins of a horse and therefore control.) The boss gave the manager free rein with the new project. The principal gave free rein to Mrs. Brown in her classes.
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reign over someone or something

to rule over someone or something. The king reigned over his subjects for over thirty years. The queen reigned over the country for along time.
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give free rein to

see under free hand.
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a reign of terror

COMMON A reign of terror is a period during which there is a lot of violence and killing, especially by people who are in positions of power. The dictator's 17-year reign of terror had ended and the people took to the streets to celebrate their freedom. His victims during a four-month reign of terror included a schoolgirl and a student. Note: The original Reign of Terror was during the French Revolution between April 1793 and July 1794, when many thousands were put to death by the government.
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reign over

1. To have authority or control over someone or something; rule over someone or something: The same family has reigned over this island for ten generations.
2. To be prevalent or predominant in some place or situation: Chaos reigned over the city during the power outage.
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In a video posted by Advanced League of People's Artists Melbourne, Fox said: "At present, the Philippines, the human rights abuses are just increasing and it's a reign of terror.
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The author of this study has produced a wonderful companion to Chris GivenWilson's earlier Chronicles of the Revolution 1397-1400: The Reign of Richard II.
It also celebrates commerce and industry, food and drink, award-winners, charities, tourism and the diverse range of education establishments which have shaped the UK and the world during her reign.
The website said: "The Queen's lengthy reign gives rise to another Guinness World Records title, longest heir apparent.
Numbers behind the reign of Queen Elizabeth II It's been 60 years since Queen Elizabeth II became monarch of the UK, and she's marking her Diamond Jubilee year with a series of parties, pageants and even 1,000 boats sailing up the River Thames.
4 Over her reign the monarch has given regular audiences to 12 different British Prime Ministers: ?
In the twin parables of the treasure and the pearl, the Matthean Jesus is affirming the supreme value of the reign of God, and with each affirmation, all present are invited to ask themselves whether the message of the parables rings true for us.
Pope John Paul II returning to earth to reign with terror?
The third evangelist is testifying to the engagement of Israel's God in the events of the Messiah's reign. Luke's Advent, Epiphany, and Transfiguration stories are embedded in Israel's social, political, and religious world in the constant presence of the Roman order.
THE CLASSICAL WORLD: AN EPIC HISTORY FROM HOMER TO HADRIAN comes from a classical historian specialist who traces history from Homer to the reign of Hadrian, revealing wars, peace, the rise and fall of empires, and the heros and tyrants who reigned during the times.