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rehearse for (something)

1. To practice, run through, and prepare for a particular presentation or performance We're all busy rehearsing for the opening night of our play this Friday. You should rehearse for your speech on Monday. If you go out there and just read from your notes,
2. To practice one's delivery or performance of something ahead of a public presentation or exhibition. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "rehearse" and "for." I'm rehearsing my speech for the conference tomorrow. We've been rehearsing a new comedy routine for the talent show.
3. To practice and prepare for a particular length of time. We've been rehearsing for hours—why don't we call it a day and start fresh tomorrow? You've been rehearsing for months, so you are going to absolutely smash it on opening night!
4. To practice one's delivery, presentation, or performance for a particular period of time. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "rehearse" and "for." You can tell he rehearsed his speech for about five minutes before coming on the stage. The band has been rehearsing their new set list for weeks.
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rehearse for something

to practice for something. We will rehearse for the graduation exercises on Saturday morning. We rehearsed for the play all weekend.
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Practice remains a critical step in preparing for school violence and should include rehearsing school emergency response plans, first-responder action drills, tactical team actions, post-incident command exercises, media plans, mass casualty plans, multiagency exercises, and field exercises.
John Graham-Hall, rehearsing as Curzio in the opening production of Figaro, sums up the new Glyndebourne's virtues: 'What's astounding is that the place continues to have exactly the same feel; you go round the corner and find this great new thing - but it remains the same.
I've been rehearsing with the choir since February and it's always exciting to get them together with the orchestra and putting some sparkle into the music.
The children, aged eight to 11, have been rehearsing for weeks and will come together for the first time on the afternoon before the concert, which will be compered by TV personality Lisa Rogers, pictured, for a rehearsal together.
She added: "They have been rehearsing hard to make sure they know the words to the songs as well as finding out more about the history of the group."
Incidentally, If you think Jane only works three nights a week rehearsing the three choirs (Penistone, Mondays, Skelmanthorpe Tuesdays and Hobson's Chorus on Wednesdays) and conducting their concerts, you'd be wrong.
CARL Barat prepared for his gig at Arthur's Day by rehearsing in a piano shop.
We have such a laugh together, which makes rehearsing fun.
THE SHOW almost did not go on for a group of amateur Birmingham actors rehearsing a play with a cheeky title.
The cast includes other Liverpudlians Les Dennis and Jennifer Ellison, and Hollyoaks star Nick Pickard, who are rehearsing in London.
He worked closely with the international project management and construction consultancy F+G, formerly Faithful and Gould, on the Hull gas receiving project and estimates that about 5% to 7% could be saved on the pounds 100m-plus project by rehearsing the work using the university's 4D planning tool (3D + real time).
When Salstein began rehearsing the solo, he asked for help from a friend and former Steps on Broadway teacher, Jimmy Kitchler, who taught him tap as a child.
COVENTRY schoolgirls Sarah McConville and Laura Bee are busy rehearsing for a performance with the English Youth Ballet next month.
Matthew Robinson will travel to Birmingham tomorrow for a week of rehearsing before he performs in the Symphony Hall on Sunday, April 18.
We love to be in each others' company and have a great time rehearsing."