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rehearse for (something)

1. To practice, run through, and prepare for a particular presentation or performance We're all busy rehearsing for the opening night of our play this Friday. You should rehearse for your speech on Monday. If you go out there and just read from your notes,
2. To practice one's delivery or performance of something ahead of a public presentation or exhibition. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "rehearse" and "for." I'm rehearsing my speech for the conference tomorrow. We've been rehearsing a new comedy routine for the talent show.
3. To practice and prepare for a particular length of time. We've been rehearsing for hours—why don't we call it a day and start fresh tomorrow? You've been rehearsing for months, so you are going to absolutely smash it on opening night!
4. To practice one's delivery, presentation, or performance for a particular period of time. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "rehearse" and "for." You can tell he rehearsed his speech for about five minutes before coming on the stage. The band has been rehearsing their new set list for weeks.
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rehearse for something

to practice for something. We will rehearse for the graduation exercises on Saturday morning. We rehearsed for the play all weekend.
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READ:Ne-Yo to perform at Miss Universe 2018 On Sunday afternoon, Ne-Yo went to the Impact Arena, Bangkok, Thailandvenue for the coronation of Miss Universe 2018to rehearse with the 94 candidates from all over the world.
"We wanted to rehearse two major situations, and we are grateful to Central Trains and Worcester Rugby Club for letting us use their facilities."
The society rehearses every Monday, 7pm in King's School Chapel.
'They've loved it,' said Lowrri, who runs the school which rehearses in Wentloog Road, Rumney.
The group rehearses on Friday nights between 7.30pm and 10pm and the group says new members of either sex will be made very welcome.
The film covers the midnineties, when Taylor choreographs a new dance, rehearses an old one, takes the company on tour to India, and prepares for a New York City season.
Instead, reached in late summer at the farm where he lives and rehearses his troupe, Pendleton wants to talk sunflowers.
I hope to make this a piece--some kind of archaeo-astrological contact must be made between the sunflower garden and what's above it." As Pendleton talks, sitting on the porch of the barn where Momix rehearses, it's easy to believe he is creating the idea for the dance at that moment, verbally improvising a concept the way some choreographers improvise movement.
All bands rehearse at the back of the town hall in Lloyd Street, Llandudno.