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rehearse for (something)

1. To practice, run through, and prepare for a particular presentation or performance We're all busy rehearsing for the opening night of our play this Friday. You should rehearse for your speech on Monday. If you go out there and just read from your notes,
2. To practice one's delivery or performance of something ahead of a public presentation or exhibition. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "rehearse" and "for." I'm rehearsing my speech for the conference tomorrow. We've been rehearsing a new comedy routine for the talent show.
3. To practice and prepare for a particular length of time. We've been rehearsing for hours—why don't we call it a day and start fresh tomorrow? You've been rehearsing for months, so you are going to absolutely smash it on opening night!
4. To practice one's delivery, presentation, or performance for a particular period of time. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "rehearse" and "for." You can tell he rehearsed his speech for about five minutes before coming on the stage. The band has been rehearsing their new set list for weeks.
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rehearse for something

to practice for something. We will rehearse for the graduation exercises on Saturday morning. We rehearsed for the play all weekend.
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Other, more specific standards or guidelines dealing with whether defibrillators must be on hand or how often emergency-response plans must be rehearsed are not yet in place.
Aguirre added that if he had rehearsed the witness, it was only for them to tell the truth.
HARD-HITTING: Actors rehearsed The Terriers at Liverpool FC yesterday
For weeks before the party, I rehearsed with some wonderful musical friends--first with pianist and musical director Nina Goldin, whom I had first met when she was playing for Holly Near, then with drummer Denise Fraser, who backs up Sandra Bernhard.
It may have been their big comeback show, but The Libertines have revealed they rehearsed for only one hour before their gig in Hyde Park, West London.
They rehearsed from 8am until 12.30pm, then go to the ECHO arena to rehearse with the artists, and come back to the studios until about 9pm.
Sordelet guided Hunt's hand with his while she rehearsed slapping her co-star across the face.
All week the Year 6 pupils have rehearsed dance, drama, music, performance poetry and capoeira, a Brazilian martial art.
Budding actors in Hexham wrote, rehearsed and performed their own play in just six hours yesterday.
MEMORIES: Children from the Attic Youth Theatre, including Connor Smyth, 10, and Grace Baylis, 8, above, rehearsed last night for Die Kinder - a play tracing the lives of children through the Holocaust - which they are performing for civic dignitaries in Wirral today.
She said: "All mistakes have been carefully rehearsed. The cast and crew have worked really hard to achieve the right note of incompetence."
The show was forced to open later than billed as Anna, 24, rehearsed on crutches with her foot in a cast.
She was one of the writers on the acclaimed drama Unprotected and her new play, Intemperance, got a rehearsed reading at the Everyman, as part of the Everyword New Writing Festival.
It was a great time: Buster Brown; Chuck Green; Hines, Hines, and Dad; and Wil Maston Trio all rehearsed at Leroy's studio.
We had rehearsed previously in this setting and were satisfied with the acoustic properties as well as the general ambience; therefore, we felt confident all would go well, despite our headiness from the delicious dinner we were served.