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rehearse for something

to practice for something. We will rehearse for the graduation exercises on Saturday morning. We rehearsed for the play all weekend.
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Shahid then asked the production crew to send a message to Kareena telling her to wrap up quickly so that he can rehearse and leave for a scheduled shoot.
I don't want to be in a band, I don't want to rehearse.
The girls were so excited to see each other but only had three days to rehearse.
Learn your words, and how to rehearse, and then rehearse," he told reporters ahead of the award ceremony.
1) Greg Kaczynski, left, and Maria Olsen rehearse the surrealistic 80s Cheese.
One of the greatest rewards of this process was seeing teachers and students rehearse and perform side by side.
Upstairs, choreographer Ryan Heffington and the Los Angeles--based Hysterica Dance Company rehearse.
Anyway, as Andy, the director and the crew live in Edinburgh, we decided that we would rehearse there.
Roper's willingness to rehearse hard (it is, she says, a process that she sometimes loves more than performing) not to mention her intelligence and talent, is just as important to the choreographers and repetiteurs who have worked with her.
Or if you must--"I want to rehearse for the job interview next week.
As an interesting and original concept, Real Men Don't Rehearse is highly recommended to all students of the musical trades, as well as the non-specialist general reader.
Singer Lesley Anne Dawes has secured funding from the Arts Council to stage and rehearse four performances in the county.
Moten's text is less an argument than an extended meditation, and he does not so much present his ideas as perform them, rift upon them, leave and return to them, rehearse and re-rehearse them--or, perhaps, repeat them with a (signifying) difference.
Yuskavage's feminine characters endlessly provoke and rehearse these moments of doubt--which are ours as well as theirs.
If life is indeed a stage, then those about to play out the final act--retirement--would do well to rehearse it before they actually retire.