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rehearse for (something)

1. To practice, run through, and prepare for a particular presentation or performance We're all busy rehearsing for the opening night of our play this Friday. You should rehearse for your speech on Monday. If you go out there and just read from your notes,
2. To practice one's delivery or performance of something ahead of a public presentation or exhibition. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "rehearse" and "for." I'm rehearsing my speech for the conference tomorrow. We've been rehearsing a new comedy routine for the talent show.
3. To practice and prepare for a particular length of time. We've been rehearsing for hours—why don't we call it a day and start fresh tomorrow? You've been rehearsing for months, so you are going to absolutely smash it on opening night!
4. To practice one's delivery, presentation, or performance for a particular period of time. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "rehearse" and "for." You can tell he rehearsed his speech for about five minutes before coming on the stage. The band has been rehearsing their new set list for weeks.
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rehearse for something

to practice for something. We will rehearse for the graduation exercises on Saturday morning. We rehearsed for the play all weekend.
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One of the greatest rewards of this process was seeing teachers and students rehearse and perform side by side.
In preparing the role of Odette/Odile, Roper is worried that she won't have enough rehearsal time "Artur and I will rehearse very hard not just on the technique and artistry, but also on 'performing' the piece as much as possible in the studio.
Rehearse by "semi-retiring," Retiring from a career is often more difficult than people realize.
Local police agencies should establish and rehearse a mutual aid plan to ensure the use of the same response procedures.
We rehearse it in the pre-game warm-up to make the players feel at ease with it.
The President went to Malacanang after his hospital visit to rehearse for his third State of the Nation (Sona).
The young people will rehearse the piece in a series of workshops with members of Forced Entertainment.
When I did Rent in the West End, we had five weeks to rehearse, but the cast is phenomenal."
I rehearse the orchestra on the Friday evening without the choir and then on the day, we arrive at the hall about midday and rehearse right through until 6pm, the choir joining us at 2.30pm.
* PACKED will see united tomorrow All three choirs rehearse on different nights and so far they've managed to avoid clashing on concert dates.
"I'm so pleased that this can now benefit the rest of the community too and would urge anyone with an interest in singing to come along and rehearse with us."
''We never rehearse, there's a lot of spontaneity to it.
His role as Calvin Valentine in the Merseyside soap means he will have less time to rehearse.
They are developing software tools which harness the power of computer games technology to give planners and builders the ability to rehearse different phases of a major construction project on a PC screen before building work begins.
It's about 5:15 p.m., and time for Flex to rehearse a scene with some extras acting as a basketball team.