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We all know the drill by now - it's been regular as clockwork for 14 years - and we're ready to sacrifice our nights to fights around the campfire, surprising friendships and voting for the celebrities to face bushtucker trials and get food and treats for their jungle buddies.
Q My periods used to be as regular as clockwork and they've suddenly stopped.
It erupts in our house at this time of year, regular as clockwork, and starts with one of us (ok, me) surreptitiously pressing the heating 'on' button while the other (himself) huffs, puffs and opens windows.
It's extremely difficult to predict as it's not as regular as clockwork but it will happen sooner or later.
I get tired before she does, but I wake up regular as clockwork at 7.
AS regular as clockwork your Weekly news arrived through my letterbox.
She was the pride and joy of Tyneside and a star in her own right who crossed the Atlantic as regular as clockwork," said Ken.
Loads of us pop off year after year, regular as clockwork, to our own special spot in the Costas or Skeggie or Thailand.
She is as regular as clockwork,and after waiting for her I called to see where she was,'' saidMrs Collins.
There's no sense disturbing animals somewhere else," he concludes, "if the ones in this area seem to know the bombings are going on and happen as regular as clockwork.
Regular as clockwork, we have written to the council every year,pointing out she owes nothing.
NOW BOOKING AS REGULAR as clockwork,The Dubliners undertake a Liverpool gig.