regress to

regress to (something)

1. To return to some earlier state or point of development. It's not uncommon for victims of such trauma to regress to a childlike state as an emotional defense mechanism. I try to keep a fairly neutral accent, but I regress to a real southern twang whenever I get nervous.
2. To move or recede backward to some point. The ice on the lake began regressing to the shoreline as the temperatures continued to rise.
3. To move from a more extreme position back toward the statistical mean. Random variables will almost always regress to the mean if you have a large enough sample size.
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regress to something

to go back to an earlier, probably simpler, state; to go back to a more primitive state. Bob claimed that Gerald's behavior was regressing to that of a three-year-old. I tend to regress to my college ways when I am out with the guys.
See also: regress
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COPENHAGEN, Denmark, June 6, 2013--Scientists here have discovered that they can make embryonic stem cells regress to a stage of development where they are able to make placenta cells as well as the other fetal cells.
Matthew Clark, 39, and sibling Michael, 42, from Hull, have a brain disease which has caused them to regress to a childlike state forcing them to move back in with their parents so they can receive the daily care they need.
Utter kiddie perfection, animation firm Cosgrove-Hall's finest moment has, even now, the innate ability to cause all who watch it to regress to a more innocent and happy time with just the opening bars of its theme tune.
REGRESS to the age of innocence, and enjoy "good wholesome family entertainment" for a Saturday night at Garlands.
It is too easy to regress to a bottom line orientation, especially in times of stress.
There are lots of examples of other tissues that regress to save energy and get built up in response to a particular need.
The star speaks of how the crash caused a brain injury which saw him regress to a childlike state and left him in excruciating pain.
Am I the only person who feels he has to regress to infancy?