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regress to something

to go back to an earlier, probably simpler, state; to go back to a more primitive state. Bob claimed that Gerald's behavior was regressing to that of a three-year-old. I tend to regress to my college ways when I am out with the guys.
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We don't mean, of course, that the issue is explicitly arranged in the form of a regress argument, or that our authors have deliberately decided to write as a collective mind to maximize the coherence of the claims within its covers.
In section 3, I argue that the weak principle defended in section 1 and the facts about disagreement described in section 2 rule out the possibility that moral beliefs can serve as regress stoppers.
However, this process is dynamic, and, at any time, a group may regress to or get stuck in one of the first two stages, which limits its efficacy.
We used mixed-effects models to regress both the SDNN index and the mean heart rate, as well as lags of these outcomes, from 30 min to 8 hr, on the total P[M.
intuition, reason and revelation, progress and regress, art and
This superior method of study has shown over time that plaques in coronary arteries can regress under medical treatment.
He fully supported the progress-report EC prepared for Macedonia, which noted many regress remarks in Macedonia, for which the Government, BDI being part of it, is most responsible
Utter kiddie perfection, animation firm Cosgrove-Hall's finest moment has, even now, the innate ability to cause all who watch it to regress to a more innocent and happy time with just the opening bars of its theme tune.
The exaggerated nasus and frontal glands develop as the mandibles regress.
The verb to regress means to retrace one's steps, Rescher (philosophy, U.
Internalist Foundationalism and the Problem of Epistemic Regress, JOSE L.
Most abnormal cervical cytology in adolescent women will be low-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions, and it will regress to normal by the follow-up exam, Andrea Wininger, M.
I came here to regress and smoke too much and drink too much and enjoy people and take advantage of the fact that I'm not paying rent or worrying about my career or my family.
Fat "can grow and regress very substantially, very rapidly, and repeatedly, even in an adult.
REGRESS to the age of innocence, and enjoy "good wholesome family entertainment" for a Saturday night at Garlands.