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regress to (something)

1. To return to some earlier state or point of development. It's not uncommon for victims of such trauma to regress to a childlike state as an emotional defense mechanism. I try to keep a fairly neutral accent, but I regress to a real southern twang whenever I get nervous.
2. To move or recede backward to some point. The ice on the lake began regressing to the shoreline as the temperatures continued to rise.
3. To move from a more extreme position back toward the statistical mean. Random variables will almost always regress to the mean if you have a large enough sample size.
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regress to something

to go back to an earlier, probably simpler, state; to go back to a more primitive state. Bob claimed that Gerald's behavior was regressing to that of a three-year-old. I tend to regress to my college ways when I am out with the guys.
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It is also necessary to say that infinite regresses as such, and not just the infinite regress of sufficient reasons, has been studied by the proponents of infinitism.
We could, in principle, take this regress several steps further, and in various different directions.
is an early stage biotech company focused on discovery, research, development and licensing of novel compounds to reduce or regress atherosclerotic plaque deposits.
So to sum up: Sosa argues that internalist foundationalism cannot offer an adequate account of our a priori knowledge, because there are no mental states that can serve to stop the regress of a priori justification (or, at least, there are no mental states accessible to the believer's own powers of reflection that can do so).
The most likely possible explanation for this, according to the researchers, is that the natural course of some screen detected invasive breast cancers is to spontaneously regress.
Our findings simply provide new insight on what is arguably the major harm associated with mammographic screening, namely, the detection and treatment of cancers that would otherwise regress," said the researchers led by Per-Henrik Zahl at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health's epidemiology department in Oslo.
Since AKs arise and regress so frequently in a field of sun-damaged skin and there is no way to identify which ones will transform into skin cancer, it's illogical to treat individual lesions with cryotherapy, as many dermatologists persist in doing, she continued.
But although lesions develop very quickly, they regress just as rapidly.
Any decisions to bring back practices that will visibly enrich the liturgy or the religious demeanour of a parish Church, highlighting its historical significance, is not regress at all, but progress in the fullest sense.
Since the majority of low-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions will regress spontaneously in adolescent females, most treatment guidelines allow for the observation of these lesions through repeated cytology, said Dr.
Looking Back's regress and degeneration department unearthed this scene to celebrate St Patrick's Day, when Liverpool's new Irish Centre was opened in the former Wellington Assembly Rooms, Mount Pleasant, on February 2, 1965.
In fact, Holding, 2004, clearly pays homage to Magritte, and implies infinite regress, via an image of a thin peasant girl holding a picture of herself.
That change is occurring is undeniable, and that struggles to support as well as regress change is evident in the struggles for same-sex marriage recognition.
Classic architectural detailing and sumptuous interior decor consistently applied throughout the facility make residents feel at home, and they are more at ease as they progress or regress through different levels of care within the same familiar environment.