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register for something

to sign up to participate in something. Have you registered for the class yet? She is registered for the same classes as I am.
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register in something

to enter one's name on a list for something; to sign oneself up to belong to something. Are you going to register in the pie-eating contest? We registered in the drawing for a new car.
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register on something

[for an effect] to show on something, such as someone's face. Recognition registered on her face when she saw the photograph of Walter. The total of the votes registered on the large Scoreboard at the front of the hall.
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register someone as something

to record someone's name on a list of a category of people. I will register you as an independent voter. I am registered as a qualified financial advisor.
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register someone for something

to sign someone up to participate in something. Would you please register me for the workshop when you sign up? Excuse me. I have to go register myself for the contest.
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register someone in something

1. to enter someone's name on a list in something. I will register you in the competition.
2. . to sign someone up to belong to something. I registered my cousin in the club.
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register something with someone or something

to record the existence of something with someone or something. Did you register your new stereo with the manufacturer? If you bring any packages into this store, please register them with the manager.
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register with someone

1. Lit. to sign up with someone. You will have to register with the lady at the front desk. I registered with the attendant when I came in.
2. Fig. [for something] to be realized or understood by someone. Suddenly, the import of what she had said registered with me. My name did not register with her, and I had to explain who I was.
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Aquarius will register registrable transfers and transmission applications of the kind referred to in Clause 17.
In accordance with the Registration Rights Agreement, holders of the Registrable Securities that wish to use the Registration Statement to sell Registrable Securities must prepare and deliver to Boston Properties, Inc.
49) For registrable IVDs to be entered onto the therapeutic goods register, the TGA requires evidence regarding the safety, quality and efficacy of the product.
The 10-day intensive course, conducted in Arabic, covers trademark related issues such as registrable and unregistrable trademarks, cancellation of trademarks registration and trademarks piracy, in addition to topics related to unfair competition such as types of unfair acts, discrediting competitors, legal protection among others.
Developing the Dental Team: Curricula Frameworks for Registrable Qualifications for Professionals Complementary to Dentistry (PCDs).
Registrable marks are those that conform to the trademark office standards of registrability, such as not being deceptive and not so resembling a mark already registered that it would cause confusion.
We have had no registrable rain so far today and the forecast that John Kettley gave us has panned out as he said it would.
Registrable parenting plans have been available under the Family Law Act since 1995.
Resistance to various antibiotics of Salmonella and Escherichia coli isolated from registrable farm feeds.
A legal system of enforceable and registrable rights, based on written laws and records, was perhaps not appropriate for the majority of the people.
Here is a list of other general factors derived from the law which will guide whether one's organization will be registrable as a charity under the Income Tax Act:
any corporation or group of individuals (including any association, business, club, company, society, organisation or partnership, whether registrable or incorporated under the laws of Singapore or not) who provides any programme on the World Wide Web through the Internet, and includes any web publisher and any web server administrator.
But a 1993 California law added spousal rape to the list of registrable offenses, and Megan's Law made registration retroactive to 1944.