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register for something

to sign up to participate in something. Have you registered for the class yet? She is registered for the same classes as I am.
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register in something

to enter one's name on a list for something; to sign oneself up to belong to something. Are you going to register in the pie-eating contest? We registered in the drawing for a new car.
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register on something

[for an effect] to show on something, such as someone's face. Recognition registered on her face when she saw the photograph of Walter. The total of the votes registered on the large Scoreboard at the front of the hall.
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register someone as something

to record someone's name on a list of a category of people. I will register you as an independent voter. I am registered as a qualified financial advisor.
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register someone for something

to sign someone up to participate in something. Would you please register me for the workshop when you sign up? Excuse me. I have to go register myself for the contest.
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register someone in something

1. to enter someone's name on a list in something. I will register you in the competition.
2. . to sign someone up to belong to something. I registered my cousin in the club.
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register something with someone or something

to record the existence of something with someone or something. Did you register your new stereo with the manufacturer? If you bring any packages into this store, please register them with the manager.
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register with someone

1. Lit. to sign up with someone. You will have to register with the lady at the front desk. I registered with the attendant when I came in.
2. Fig. [for something] to be realized or understood by someone. Suddenly, the import of what she had said registered with me. My name did not register with her, and I had to explain who I was.
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206) Thus, for example, an amendment to a land titles act to recognize a new form of registrable interest known as an Aboriginal title would likely still be ultra vires.
8%) departments approved for training did not fill all their training positions with ANZCA trainees, due mainly to insufficient applicants or positions being used for overseas trained doctors working towards recognition as vocationally registrable in anaesthesia.
Mr Robinson or his beneficial interests had received a payment of pounds 200,000 in respect of management services provided to A M Lock, a subsidiary of Hollis Industries plc, which was registrable and which he had not registered.
La ensenanza concebida asi no es el hecho trivial y registrable, observable y cuantificable.
La esperanza registrable en esta tragedia se halla en el estremecimiento social y esta es la comprension a nuestro alcance.
Under every entry bar one, she has listed "No registrable interests" and only under miscellaneous does she reveal she is a member of the Law Society of Scotland.
Activities which were not registrable included: `inquiries about publicly available information; requests for clarification of current legislation, guidelines or policies; requests for rulings pursuant to existing legislation, guidelines or policies; applications for decisions within existing legislation, guidelines or policies other than those applying to the award of contracts and tenders'.
Decisions as to whether an association should seek federal registration of a name, a logo, initials, or other valuable marks call for an informed cost-benefit analysis, taking into account whether the mark is registrable.
In accordance with the Registration Rights Agreement, beneficial holders of the Registrable Securities that wish to use the Registration Statement in connection with a resale of their Registrable Securities, must complete the Selling Securityholder Notice and Questionnaire, copies of which can be obtained by contacting the General Counsel at the Company at the below address.
In addition, ASIC will extend previous relief that allowed registrable superannuation entities (RSE) licensees to provide a product dashboard with a periodic statement by including a website address for the latest product dashboard, rather than requiring a hard copy of the dashboard to be included with the periodic statement.
Shorthose told us, but she shared some basic guideline including: Ensure inventions or creations made by employees are automatically owned by the employer; check contracts with service providers to ensure they have assigned IP; ensure NDAs are entered into as necessary and that they are detailed to enable them to be enforceable; only disclose confidential information under an NDA and then only as is absolutely necessary and if in doubt, don't; check with collaborators that you will gain the IP rights that are needed to give commercial effect to that agreement; check early on that IP is registrable (as a trade mark, patent or a design) and; never copy the work of third parties without their permission as it can be very expensive to put infringement right.
Any lease for a term of more than 10 years and up to 99 years shall be deemed a long term lease and registrable in accordance with Dubai Law No.
22) So, for example, if the debtor was a sole trader, or a partnership, and mortgaged factory equipment to secure a loan, the mortgage was not registrable in the company charges register, though it might have been registrable under the relevant state or territory bills of sale laws.
Sir - In 1997 The Home Affairs Committee on Freemasonry in the Police and the Judiciary (to whom I had submitted memoranda exhibited at Westminster) reported that Jack Straw - then Shadow Home Secretary with the incoming Labour Government - "believes that membership of the freemasons should be a declarable and registrable interest" (paragraph 56).