register with

register with (someone or something)

1. To give one's name or other details with a particular person, place, department, organization, etc. You'll need to register with someone at the front desk before you can come into the building. Be sure to register with Citizenship and Immigration Services as soon as you arrive in the country.
2. To give someone's, something's, or one's own name or other details with a particular person, place, department, organization, etc. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "register" and "with." We need to register the business with the appropriate tax authority. I homeschool my children, but I still need to register them with the local school district. By registering your product with the manufacturer, you are guaranteed a minimum warranty under EU law.
3. To be understood or comprehended by someone; to make an impression or have an effect on someone. I could tell that the news of her son's death was not registering with her. I showed the victim several pictures of possible suspects, but none of them registered with him.
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register something with someone or something

to record the existence of something with someone or something. Did you register your new stereo with the manufacturer? If you bring any packages into this store, please register them with the manager.
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register with someone

1. Lit. to sign up with someone. You will have to register with the lady at the front desk. I registered with the attendant when I came in.
2. Fig. [for something] to be realized or understood by someone. Suddenly, the import of what she had said registered with me. My name did not register with her, and I had to explain who I was.
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Teams must register with their list of players and all players must carry the team card which will help control players turning out for different teams.
A number of states require voter registration programs of any size to register with the state; some mandate state-run training.
The WVHTC Foundation staff not only helped him register with DoD TechMatch, but also helped him select the right keywords to search the most recent SBIR solicitation, where he found a number of business opportunities tailored to his company's expertise and areas of interest.
Local resident Larry Chevalier "was alarmed when his 16-year-old son Nathan had to register with the Selective Service System in order to get a driver's license." "I just can't believe it," exclaimed Chevalier.
Section 102--Registration with the Board: All public accounting firms preparing or issuing (or participating in the preparation or issuance of) any audit report for an issuer has to register with the PCAOB.
In Germany, for example, all foreigners must register with the government when they establish residence and whenever they change addresses.
After this determination is made (which could occur prior to April 26), public accounting firms have 180 days to register with the new board or cease all participation in public company audits.
are required to register with the Selective Service when they turn 18.
With a third serious felony conviction, hence the "three strikes," the offender who fails to register with local law enforcement can receive a sentence of 25 years to life.
If he or she is not excepted, the CPA must determine whether to register with a state agency or the SEC (see "SEC vs.