register in

register someone in something

1. to enter someone's name on a list in something. I will register you in the competition.
2. . to sign someone up to belong to something. I registered my cousin in the club.
See also: register

register in something

to enter one's name on a list for something; to sign oneself up to belong to something. Are you going to register in the pie-eating contest? We registered in the drawing for a new car.
See also: register
References in classic literature ?
he used to say) 'how do I know that the register in this vestry may not be stolen or destroyed?
Jacques," returned Defarge, drawing himself up, "if madame my wife undertook to keep the register in her memory alone, she would not lose a word of it--not a syllable of it.
While the economy continues to lag nationwide, local Pakistani businessmen report an even sharper decline since some Pakistanis were called to register in December.
In addition, the amount of the student fee to register in the SEVIS system, and the procedure for collecting the fee, remain unsettled.
Individuals who have these types of visa classifications will be subject to, a fee when they first register in school or enroll in a commerce exchange program in the United States.