register for

register for (something)

1. To enter one's name and details into an official list in order to do, receive, or participate in something. Be sure to register for a chance to win a brand-new 4K television. The class is filling up, so you'll need to register for it soon if you want to attend.
2. To enter someone's or one's own name and details into an official list in order to do, receive, or participate in something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "register" and "for." My case worker is registering me for an online class to improve my computer skills. I'm going to register my Pomeranian for a dog show next year. You should register yourself for the government's self-employed tax-break scheme.
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register someone for something

to sign someone up to participate in something. Would you please register me for the workshop when you sign up? Excuse me. I have to go register myself for the contest.
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register for something

to sign up to participate in something. Have you registered for the class yet? She is registered for the same classes as I am.
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(You have to be at least 18 years old to register for and vote in the national elections in May 2022.)
The personal data in the register must always be processed in line with data-protection legislation and it is a criminal offence for anyone to supply or use the register for anything else.
Second, also as required by law, we have consistently given political parties copies of the register for each year and ahead of general elections as well as governorship off-season elections.
The deadline to register for the last general election was 12 working days before people went to the polls.
Every local authority holds the electoral register for their area.
Square Register replaces the clunky, expensive cash register for sellers around the world.
Elaborating on the new requirements, Lokhandwala said: "Every player can register himself for his primary team which maybe his employer's team or a club team and can also register for a second team and play for the second team if his primary team is not playing."
In future, instead of two forms being submitted and a clearance note being issued after the search, a search of the register for matching images will be undertaken on receipt of the proposal form, and the hologram will be registered on confirmation that it has been produced.
From CPE seminars to ABC nights to golf tournaments, members from Weed to San Diego can register for all CalCPA chapter events online.
* PIMA members are invited to register for 2003 TAPPI events at the TAPPI member rate.
The legislature designed voluntary registration to encourage and reward compliance; however, as a result of this ruling, out-of-state sellers may be wary of coming forward to register for Virginia sales and use tax collection.
[5] Offenders who commit a criminal sexual act against a minor or commit any sexually violent offense must register for a period of 10 years from the date of their release from custody or supervision.
Want to start a big tree register for your city, town, or county?
Additional information has been provided with the Register of Electors form sent to all households to allow the elector to make their choice about whether they wished to appear on the register for sale or not.