register as

register someone as something

to record someone's name on a list of a category of people. I will register you as an independent voter. I am registered as a qualified financial advisor.
See also: register
References in classic literature ?
There are, no doubt, authenticated instances of gentlemen having given up ladies and ladies having given up gentlemen to meritorious rivals, under circumstances of great high-mindedness; but is it quite established that the majority of such ladies and gentlemen have not made a virtue of necessity, and nobly resigned what was beyond their reach; as a private soldier might register a vow never to accept the order of the Garter, or a poor curate of great piety and learning, but of no family--save a very large family of children--might renounce a bishopric?
com, Corp (Nasdaq:INSI), jointly announced today the signing of a non-exclusive, three-year strategic agreement establishing Standard Register as InfiniteSpace.
Redding, who will be 62 in June and eligible for full retirement, began his career with Standard Register as a sales representative in Washington D.
in 1997, increasing the size of the company by 50%, making Standard Register a $1.
com), which includes the New Haven Register as well as four other daily newspapers and currently receives more than one million page-views per month.
This partnership positions Standard Register as the resource for companies who use both paper-based and electronic-based business forms," said Peter S.