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in the region of (some amount)

Approximately some amount; close to some amount. We're going to have to spend in the region of $20,000 for this renovation. Businesses can expect to earn in the region of 10% on their initial investment after a year.
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(somewhere) in the neighborhood of something

Fig. approximately a particular amount or measurement. I take somewhere in the neighborhood of ten pills a day for my various ailments. My rent is in the neighborhood of $700 per month.
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in the neighborhood of

Also, in the region of. Approximately, about, as in They paid in the neighborhood of a million dollars, or I don't know exactly what the exchange rate is-somewhere in the region of 95 yen to the dollar . The first expression dates from the mid-1800s, the variant from the mid-1900s.
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in the region of

approximately: He earns somewhere in the region of €50 000.
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Islamabad Region stands firm at first position in Group C with 28 points followed by Karachi Region (W) (24), Lahore Region (W) (19), D.
Hafr Al Batin housing project in Eastern Region (900 units)
The regions with the shortest seasons were Region 1 (Boston) (12 weeks), followed by Region 3 (Philadelphia) and Region 7 (Kansas City) (15 weeks).
The very real prospect that Latin America will now be backtracking on its reform agenda could not come at a worse time for the region.
Clearly designate someone on the management team as the global strategy champion, and make sure you have a champion for each key region you plan to enter.
Kenna Rathai, Rhea & Kaiser Marketing Communications, Region IV Director
For that matter, the current fleet of NASA's space shuttles probably resides in this region or perhaps slightly up and to the left of center.
EAP will work with countries in the region bilaterally and through regional organizations to strengthen their capacity to combat terrorism and to foster the type of international cooperation needed to fight the global war on terrorism.
This brain region helps a person read by converting each letter in a word to the sound it represents.
Prevalence of asymptomatic disease was examined by random cluster sampling of serum samples from 12 sites (494 serum samples) in a region presumed to be non-HVL-endemic (i.
The second chapter identifies the physical setting, geology, climate changes, natural resources and human geography, along with critically examining existing artificial boundaries and creations that in many cases divide the region in unexplainable ways.
Because of the recession the Asia/Pacific region experienced recently, this region has been slower to adapting B2B marketplaces, although the region is moving to this business practice rapidly.
In France, most wines are distinguished by the region in which they are produced, such as Champagne.
On January 23, 1997, representatives of TEI's Region VII and Region VIII, plus TEI Executive Michael J.