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(somewhere) in the neighborhood of something

Fig. approximately a particular amount or measurement. I take somewhere in the neighborhood of ten pills a day for my various ailments. My rent is in the neighborhood of $700 per month.
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in the neighborhood of

Also, in the region of. Approximately, about, as in They paid in the neighborhood of a million dollars, or I don't know exactly what the exchange rate is-somewhere in the region of 95 yen to the dollar . The first expression dates from the mid-1800s, the variant from the mid-1900s.
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in the region of

approximately: He earns somewhere in the region of €50 000.
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Table 9: Global TiO2 Pigment Production by Region (2012)
It is fashionable in some Washington circles to dismiss the rise of Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales, Nestor Kirchner, and Rafael Correa as somewhat of a sideshow for the region as a whole given that these countries are economically relatively insignificant.
In a regional organizational design, there will typically be a vice president for each major region where the supplier is operating (e.
Cliff Meyer, Farm & Ranch Guide/MN Farm Guide, Region III Director
AYSO Region 46 (Saugus, Santa Clarita), (661) 296-2976
Eventually we arrive at the second region, and our trajectory must change.
The Bush Administration is committed to bringing the CAFTA negotiations to fruition because we believe CAFTA will be a powerful force for growth and prosperity in the region.
Since 1993, a drastic reduction in the disease was observed, despite the identification of nine active sites of canine visceral leishmaniasis (VL) in this region (G.
Shortly after World War II (1939-1945), the Middle East was defined as a vast region, including countries of both southwest Asia and northern Africa.
Despite this, the text is quite useful for enhancing students' abilities to think and learn about the region not only because of its diverse themes, balanced arguments and its student-friendly approach, but also because of its recognition of the contributions of much of the region's inhabitants.
Because of the recession the Asia/Pacific region experienced recently, this region has been slower to adapting B2B marketplaces, although the region is moving to this business practice rapidly.
While "the [tested] elements may or may not be responsible for the special characters of the wines from a given region, creating an effective [chemical] `fingerprint' will ensure that the production is from the region listed on the wine label," he says.
Like Mendieta, many Central American entrepreneurs are reacting to the fall of business barriers- and the invasion by foreign companies- by expanding across the region or forging alliances with other companies.
On January 23, 1997, representatives of TEI's Region VII and Region VIII, plus TEI Executive Michael J.
All members of the Association in the geographical area designated as a region are members of the regional organization.