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Americans are ahead of the media on race I frankly considered that Americans would not choose an overweight African-American as their idol, regardless of his talents.
"Especially at this time, it is imperative to be sensitive to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of all our soldiers regardless of faith," observes the letter.
plates and the lowest in 0.039-in, plates, regardless of which pre-inoculant was used.
Regardless of the actual treatment determined to be required, so vital itself to relief or cure, it is the relationship of physician to patient that is at the core of this process.
Convenient air travel, as well as distance-learning opportunities offered by the Internet make business schools easily accessible to executives and professionals, regardless of the chosen course of study.
Root out arrogance, greed, and complacency." Although I think that idea can be realized from books more oriented to theology than business or science, regardless of its source, it is a lesson to be learned.
Ability to Penetrate Improved Regardless of Severity
"It's very easy to track user behavior, yet most companies don't track retention, regardless of whether it's a physical or virtual business." Retention -- call it stickiness or loyalty is -- critical.
Cultures in Babylon, like sweet potato pie, is a lot more nourishing than ordinary desert, regardless of the recipe.
Regardless of the reporting format the agency follows, SRS or NIBRS, an important distinction must be made when law enforcement report a hate crime.
We need the will to start charging for all the services we render, regardless of where and how we do so.
Newsletters delivered in electronic form are being combined, regardless of source, with regional newspapers and real-time newswires, trade publications and market research reports.
"Something more than formal, legal equality is required to overcome the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow segregation," Wilson now insists, citing "the enduring burdens--the social and psychological damage" that African-Americans bear regardless of their economic class.
For one, the school is open to all regardless of religion, including both students and staff.
He held the belief that good design addresses the needs of all people, regardless of their age, ability, or status in life.