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regardless of (something)

Without respect to or influence from something else. Regardless of your preferences, the decision belongs to your father and me. We're simply going to have to do it, regardless of how much it costs.
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regardless of something

without considering something; at any rate; whatever is done; whatever option is chosen. Regardless of what you say, I'm still going to the club tonight. I still have to pay the bill, regardless of the facts.
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The handicapper felt that moderate win merited a 6lb rise and Tizlove Regardless made light work of his increased burden and a step up in trip when claiming a clear-cut success over zamra earlier this month.
SRC's comprehensive suite of geographic business intellige nce applications empowers all employees, from C-level executives to business users, to retrieve and transform data from multiple independent sources regardless of its format or country of origin into actionable intelligence.
41(a) (3) is expanded so that the separate, nonincremental credit is available for payments made to a research consortium, regardless of whether that consortium conducts energy research or nonenergy research; see the Tax Relief Act of 2005 (S.
This will tend to be a company's mission-critical applications, regardless of whether they are running on structured (database) or unstructured (file system) data services.
Internships, for example, are one area where students can gain experience in making presentations; but regardless of the circumstances, they need to write and make presentations where they'll be critiqued.
Keep the time of recovery less than or equal to the time running at interval pace--again, regardless of recovery distance.
0 instruct coders that any ulcer appearing on a pressure point must be coded as a pressure ulcer, regardless of the type of ulcer.
117, Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Organizations, require that information about expenses be reported by functional classification and that fund-raising activities include soliciting contributions of services from individuals, regardless of whether those services meet the recognition criteria for contributions in Statement No.
Convenient air travel, as well as distance-learning opportunities offered by the Internet make business schools easily accessible to executives and professionals, regardless of the chosen course of study.
Vardenafil improved erectile function in these men, regardless of their age, cause, or severity of their problem.
Regardless of playing status, regardless of statistics, regardless of mistakes, no athlete deserves to be berated, embarrassed, or humiliated for any mistake or lack of understanding.
Newsletters delivered in electronic form are being combined, regardless of source, with regional newspapers and real-time newswires, trade publications and market research reports.
Promotion of equality among licensees by ensuring that all who wish to use the CPA or PA tide are licensed and subject to state board regulations regardless of their field of employment.
He held the belief that good design addresses the needs of all people, regardless of their age, ability, or status in life.