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regardless of (something)

Without respect to or influence from something else. Regardless of your preferences, the decision belongs to your father and me. We're simply going to have to do it, regardless of how much it costs.
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regardless of something

without considering something; at any rate; whatever is done; whatever option is chosen. Regardless of what you say, I'm still going to the club tonight. I still have to pay the bill, regardless of the facts.
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And regardless of whether you think Mauricio Pochettino's side still have the capacity to go all Spursy when it matters, they have shown great bottle to dig out late goals against PSV, Inter and Barcelona to make the cut.
The handicapper felt that moderate win merited a 6lb rise and Tizlove Regardless made light work of his increased burden and a step up in trip when claiming a clear-cut success over zamra earlier this month.
NAOMI MATTHEW: 5.55 Up Tipp, 6.25 Sparkling Ice, 6.55 Viva Vettori, 7.25 Strong Man, 7.55 My Lord, 8.25 Tizlove Regardless (nap) , 8.55 Lucky Dottie.
"This shows that a party is mature enough to move forward regardless of the leader's replacement.
He did say regardless of the circumstances so killing two more children can't be right.
291(a) (3)'s and (e)(1) (B)'s interest-deduction disallowance applies to financial institutions operating as S corporations, regardless of Sec.
citizens or residents living abroad have been allowed to exclude certain foreign earned income and housing costs from taxable income, regardless of whether any foreign tax is paid on these amounts, under IRC section 911.
While one size does not fit all, some effective controls that enhance data security can be implemented, regardless of firm size or complexity.
Compulsive buying, as defined by a high score on a tally of the cardinal signs, occurred in 6 percent of women and 5.5 percent of men, regardless of racial or ethnic background, Koran's group says.
* Share ACL Projects with international colleagues regardless of language or data format, saving time and increasing data access.
Surely that is the duty of all parents regardless of religious beliefs.
The site includes self registration, self JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and a developer mashup regardless of map use.
Gargano this week welcomed a renewed commitment from Moynihan Station developers to move quickly toward closing late September, regardless of potential Madison Square Garden move to Farley Annex.
Indeed, as a salesperson and corporate executive, Darwin was always a top performer among his peers, regardless of race, earning a place on our list of top blacks in corporate America in 1988.
In 2006, it is unlikely that many corporations, regardless of size, employ their own janitorial staff.