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The committee concluded by approving both decrees-by-law after studying them in order to review the committee report in regard thereof during one of the Council's next session.
If we regard ourselves as merely intelligent hominids, smart apes, then we should also consider the fact that the other hominids live in the jungle and that in that jungle the animals always obey their biological laws.
Franklin became the first black historian to be appointed to a full professorship at a predominantly white institution, Brooklyn College, where his "diplomacy" as chair of the department won him high regard. Less regarded, however, was his young son, Wilt, who endured the taunts of neighborhood bigots, children and adults alike, on President Street in Brooklyn.
Significantly, Chief Justice Roberts acknowledged that despite the Court's ruling with regard to suppression, "a defendant can raise an Article 36 claim as part of a broader challenge to the voluntariness of his statements to police." (38)
To argue as he does that this is a template that demands the reinterpretation of 1 Cor 6:9 simply does not have much merit with regard to this issue.
If it is found that the bidder had knowingly and willfully violated the State Finance Law in this regard, the bidder and any of its subsidiaries, related or successor entity will be determined to be a "non-responsible" bidder and shall not be awarded the contract.
Similarly, the lawyer's or client's subsequent disclosure of a privileged communication to a third party can destroy the privilege not only with regard to the party to whom it is disclosed, but with regard to all other parties who may later demand production of it in another proceeding.
Locke's words are still directly on point in this regard: his claim that "it is above all things necessary to distinguish exactly the business of civil government from that of religion" provides a mechanism to put an end to the otherwise endless religious controversies in a pluralistic society that prevent the peaceful and smooth functioning of a well-ordered society.
We share Avery's concern with the judicious use of language in regard to public communication of pesticide health risks; all of us--including Avery--should follow this advice.
A specific teacher belief such as one's self-efficacy in teaching science is a possible contributor to behavior patterns of elementary teachers with regard to science especially in motivating them to teach science or causing avoidance of science teaching by the teachers (Cantrell, Young & Moore, 2003; Mulholland, Dorman, & Odgers, 2004; Tournaki, & Podell, 2005; Woolfolk Hoy & Spero, 2005).
Most important, with regard to the key activity of the foundation, we reiterate the statement in our June 10 press release: "The Lambda Literary Awards and their showcase author readings, the centerpiece of the foundation, will continue.
It has been said that there are three types of people in the world: people who make things happen, people who wait for things to happen, and people who say "What happened?" Unfortunately, the entire insurance industry fits into the third category with regard to the tragic events of Sept.
While I agree with the authors about the challenges that urban schools face with regard to providing a culturally responsive and quality education to culturally diverse and low-income students, I also believe that urban schools are not alone in these challenges.
Due regard shall be given to the circumstance that the Special Trial Judge had the opportunity to evaluate the credibility of witnesses, and the findings of fact recommended by the Special Trial Judge shall be presumed to be correct.