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regale (one) with (something)

1. To provide a great deal of excitement, amusement, or amusement to one with something, especially a story. He's been regaling us with tales of his adventures across Europe. I regaled them with a song-and-dance routine I've been working on for the past couple of weeks.
2. To provide a huge range or amount of food and drink to one; to provide one with a feast. The bosses said they're planning on regaling us all with a huge company dinner as a way of saying thank you for all our hard work over the last few years. The Andersons always make a point of regaling the neighborhood with a massive spread of food at the end of each summer.
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regale someone with something

to present a great deal of something, such as lavish entertainment or fine food, to someone. They regaled their guests with food and music well into the night. The committee was regaled with tales of wrongdoing by the government.
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Dobson regaled the crowd with a tale of how he stared down a bear that did not want to leave him alone.
He regaled us with snippets of moments during his years with the Peace Corps and later his five-year (1974-1979) stint at the Institute of the Black World (IBW) in Atlanta.
I have many wonderful memories but want to quickly share two things: Going through grammar school, our class would walk down to the library every Friday afternoon and sit enthralled as a woman regaled us with fairy tales!
Frodo's fans, older than Potter's but every bit as obsessive, not only devoured printing after printing of The Lord of the Rings, but also regaled themselves--between protesting the war in Viet Nam, and demanding the right to use four-letter words in public--with sporting Gandalf for President buttons and organizing Hobbit parties.
Baldwin, who wrote a book on jury arguments, regaled the group with his courtroom stories from 50 years as a lawyer in East Texas, which were capped by his work on national asbestos cases and his presidencies of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers and president of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America.
Those who tenaciously stuck till the tail end of the festival were regaled by an unexpected treat.
68, the great-grandson of Chief Joseph of the Nez perce, regaled the crowd with stories of the 139 snake bites he endured in his work as director of the North Florida Snake Bite Treatment Center.
Barely a year after he regaled the jury with this tale, a federal judge in South Carolina refused to grant Taboada the lenient sentence recommended by the Noriega prosecutors.
It has regaled the audience with its masala, spunky dialogues and raw action.
Was regaled with the "Born is the King of Highbury" song by fans.
Those on the international hospitality package, which costs pounds 3,500 plus VAT for a table of 10, will be regaled by a guest speaker and can also expect a complimentary gift, a premium-price match ticket and a programme.
AT a time when almost everyone seems to be suffering through lack of finance - councils, schools, hospitals and social services - we are regaled with the case of a young woman driver who threw an apple core out of her car, was spotted and issued with a fixed-penalty ticket, which she refused to pay.
She regaled us with some tales about working with the greats, from Hancock to the 'Carry On' team.
GREAT line from the recent IFA Legends Night at the Hilton Hotel where Jimmy Nicholl and Alan McDonald regaled fans with tales and anecdotes of their playing careers with Northern Ireland.
We were regaled with her rise from supermarket check-out girl, through family affliction, to a top job with the charmless Sir Alan Sugar.