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regain one's composure

Cliché to become calm and composed after being angry or agitated. I found it difficult to regain my composure after the argument. Here, sit down and relax so that you can regain your composure.
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regain one's feet

1. Lit. to stand up again after falling or stumbling. I fell on the ice and almost couldn't regain my feet. I helped my uncle regain his feet as he tried to get up from the floor.
2. . Fig. to become independent after financial difficulties. I lent Bill $400 to help him regain his feet. I'll be able to pay my bills when I regain my feet.
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regain something from someone or something

to take back possession of one's property or right from someone or something. I intend to regain my money from Herb. The finance company regained the car from the delinquent buyer.
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The literature shows that frequent consumption of snacks high in fat and sugar could lead to excessive energy intake from carbohydrates and this behaviour may reduce the ability to maintain weight loss [17, 18], Our study results tend to support this finding as regainers reported consuming more carbohydrates compared with maintainers; however, we did not evaluate intake of snack foods per se.
We identified higher reported intakes of carbohydrate and alcohol in regainers compared with maintainers long-term post-RYGB.