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regain (one's) composure

To become calm, tranquil, and in control of one's emotions; to compose oneself. I'll give you a couple minutes to regain your composure before we continue with our questioning. The class had been driving me absolutely crazy, so I stepped outside for a moment to regain my composure.
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regain (one's) feet

1. To stand upright on one's feet again, as after falling, stumbling, or being in a prone or sitting position. The boxer struggled to regain her feet after being knocked to the mat. I've been bedridden for so long that it took a bit of effort to finally regain my feet.
2. To recover from financial difficulties or a precarious financial situation. I'd be able to regain my feet if I could just pay off this damned credit card debt. If we could just secure a loan or investment, it would really help us regain our feet.
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regain (something) from (one)

To get something back from (one), such as possession or control. He's trying to regain control of the company from the other shareholders. She hired a talented lawyer to help regain the property that had been seized by the bank.
See also: regain

regain one's composure

Cliché to become calm and composed after being angry or agitated. I found it difficult to regain my composure after the argument. Here, sit down and relax so that you can regain your composure.
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regain one's feet

1. Lit. to stand up again after falling or stumbling. I fell on the ice and almost couldn't regain my feet. I helped my uncle regain his feet as he tried to get up from the floor.
2. . Fig. to become independent after financial difficulties. I lent Bill $400 to help him regain his feet. I'll be able to pay my bills when I regain my feet.
See also: feet, regain

regain something from someone or something

to take back possession of one's property or right from someone or something. I intend to regain my money from Herb. The finance company regained the car from the delinquent buyer.
See also: regain
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Jorkesh also said the surgery was the last chance for her to regain the sight of her left eye and called on the public to pray for her.
Dr Sajad Khanday said that over 90 percent patients admitted in the hospital during last three days are unlikely to regain their proper eyesight.
In 2015 Regain ran a number of projects and conducted a study on the effectiveness of Namibian state institutions.
Further, the company mentioned that as per the 4 August 2014 correspondence from the exchange, it was granted further extensions to regain compliance with the continued listing standards no later than 2 September 2014 for the 2013 Form 10-K and no later than 3 October 2014 for the 2014 March Form 10-Q.
Specifically, the researchers looked at how CM risk factors change in the year following significant, intentional weight loss and whether these changes are affected by weight regain.
If at any time before December 17, 2012, the closing bid price of the company's security is at least $1 per share for a minimum of 10 consecutive business days, the company will regain compliance with the bid price rule.
2 that the American Stock Exchange had accepted its compliance plan and had granted GreenMan an extension through March 20, 2006, to regain compliance with the listing standards.
REGAIN is currently looking for able-bodied riders to join their next fund-raising adventure - The Africa Bike Ride in Kenya - cycling 400kms over five days from the slopes of Mount Kenya to Lake Victoria through the Rift Valley from November 19-28.
There are five major areas that need to be addressed in order for physicians to regain control of the health care delivery system.
Equipment suppliers say processors today are more willing to pay for dry-air conveying as a way to reduce process variation resulting from resin pellets contaminated by moisture regain.
The company was provided 180 calendar days, or until 16 September 2013, to regain compliance.
Our research indicates that following a consistent exercise program can help maintain certain aspects of metabolic health, even in those who experience weight regain," Warner added.
The company was provided 180 calendar days, or until 15 March 2010, to regain compliance with the Listing Rule 5810(c) (3) (A).
In Paradise Lost, she writes, "Milton aimed to promote readerly skills as a means for English citizens to regain the individual freedoms that had slipped through the revolutionary leaders' fingers" (202).