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1. slang A shortening of "regulation." Its pronunciation rhymes with "leg." The government wants to impose so many regs on our business that we'll never be able to turn a profit. Any new reg will be posted outside my door, so be sure to check there often.
2. slang A shortening of "registration," referring to the vehicle registration plates on the front and back of a car. Its pronunciation rhymes with "edge." Primarily heard in UK. That car almost hit us! Did anyone see the number on the reg?
3. slang A shortening of "regular." Used almost exclusively in the phrase "on the reg," meaning regularly. Its pronunciation rhymes with "leg." I used to go there on the reg, but I've been busy.

on the reg

slang A shortening of "on the regular," meaning regularly. I used to go there on the reg, but I've been busy.
See also: on, reg


n. regulations. There is a list of regs posted on the back of your door.
See also: reg
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Reg ordered rum, Irish crepes (a case), perch, Sir.
In fact, Eccles says that around the anniversary of Reg FD, a program he was invited to speak at - to present his positive opinion on the rule - was cancelled.
Initial talks about Reg FD were met with opposition.