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The "Reg.A Money Show" provides information and Reg.A education from the founders over at the "Reg.A Funding Group" as well as market insights from a variety of industry experts who appear on the show as guests.
Reg ordered rum; I sailed, Eli, as I murdered Roger
Eccles says he found striking the companies' point of view, expressed in the survey, that Reg FD was really working pretty well.
Insurers and analysts have different views on the effects of Reg FD.
"Reg ordered no waiter-cult, Lucretia?" wondered Roger.
Reg. [section] 1.1031(a)-2(c)(3), Example 1, Taxpayer K exchanges a copyright on a novel for a copyright on a different novel; these properties were of a like kind.
Reg. [section] 1.199-3(1t(5)(iii), Example 5 & Example 6.
Reg. [section] 1.1503-2(g)(2) provides an exception to the general rule prohibiting the use of a DCL to offset the income of a domestic affiliate where an election (referred to as the "(g)(2)" election) is made.
Reg. [section] 1.263(a)-4(d) provides an exclusive list of eight categories of items that must be capitalized as creating an intangible.
Reg. [section] 1.6011-4T(c)(3)(ii) requires certain United States shareholders in controlled foreign corporations to report their "indirect" participation if the controlled foreign corporation directly participates in a reportable transaction described in Temp.
Reg. 1.367(b)-2(f) treats a section 368(a)(1)(F) reorganization, including a mere change in the place of organization or incorporation, as a deemed asset transfer.
Reg. [sections] 1.863-8 provides exclusive sourcing rules for SPOCI; other source rules are implicated only to the extent that a material portion of an activity is not space or ocean activity.
Reg. 1.482-7 itself produces an arm's-length result," and "it is unnecessary to perform any type of comparability analysis to determine ...
The proposed regulations were published in the November 29, 1999, issue of the Federal Register (68 Fed Reg. 66591) and in the December 13, 1999, issue of the Internal Revenue Bulletin (1999-50 I.R.B.
Reg. [sections] 1.1275-5(b)) or (2) to a refinancing at a fixed or qualified floating rate.(14)