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an offer (one) can't refuse

An offer in which the repercussions for refusing would be so great that to do so would be either be dangerous or ill-advised. It often implies the "offer" is a threat, but this is not always the case. The phrase was coined by Mario Puzo in his 1969 novel The Godfather, and popularized by the 1972 Francis Ford Coppola film adaptation of the same name. If he's not willing to agree to the contract, I might have to bring a few men over and make him an offer he can't refuse. The buyout deal was worth $9 billion to the company, so, really, it was an offer we couldn't refuse.
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paper never refused ink

People are able to write whatever they want, however inaccurate or misleading. A: "It seems like all manner of nonsense is being printed these days." B: "Well, paper never refused ink!"
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refuse (something) to (one)

To decline to give or grant something to one. The prison guard was accused of refusing medical treatment to dozens of inmates. Unfortunately, the company is completely within their rights to refuse insurance benefits to new employees.
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refuse to (do something)

To indicate or express that one is unwilling or determined not to do something. He refused to sign the contract because he would have to relinquish creative control of the project. I tried to call to apologize to her, but she's refusing to answer her phone.
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*offer one cannot refuse

Cliché a very attractive offer. (*Typically: give one ~; make ~; make one ~.) He made me an offer I could not refuse, so I sold him my car.
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refuse something to someone

to deny someone permission to receive or use something. You wouldn't refuse water to me, would you? Nothing at all was refused to the new employee.
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refuse to do something

to reject doing something; to reject a request to do something. I absolutely refuse to go there! We all refused to break the law.
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will not hear of something

 and won't hear of something
will refuse to tolerate or permit something. You mustn't drive home alone. I will not hear of it. My parents won't hear of my staying out that late.
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After listening to his story, the officer refused to file the case and told the husband that the police does not handle these type of cases.
Cogan Primary Places offered: 30 Refused: 21 Last allocated place was to someone living 0.641 miles away from the school.
An objection filed against the acceptance of the nomination papers of Sindh United Party, Jalal Mehmood Shah was refused by the appellate bench.
Caption: Proportion of parents in practice who refused vaccines
However, chairman CDA has refused to give the control and authority of federal lodges to the DS of NA.
Arsenal are still interested in acquiring Cabaye, who has refused to feature for Newcastle, but Wright believes that this is a bad sign of his character and Wenger should be wary of Cabaye doing the same thing to the north London club if he wants a move in the future.
Figures show that in 2011 12 new shotgun licences were refused, but in 2012 this rose to 21.
The club's request for a fine of four weeks' wages was refused by PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor.
of verbally threatening to kill the German if he refused to repay the money.
He then refused to be managed, refused to work under reasonable direction and had no respect for the headteacher and deputy headteacher resulting in the issue of a final written warning on 17 June 2002.
Figures published by the Welsh Refugee Council show that many who are refused asylum in the UK would rather remain destitute here than face danger in their home countries.
Less than two months ahead of the elections for Parliament, Stanishev's Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) and Borissov's Citizens for the European Development of Bulgaria (abbreviated as GERB in Bulgarian) refused to join hands to solve a problem directly affecting the well-being of more than 1.5 million people.
"There was no difference in survival between those transplanted with donor hearts previously refused and those who received hearts primarily offered." Dr.
DYFED Powys Police carried out 3,943 road side tests over Christmas of which 177 drivers were positive or refused.
2000: Ontario printer Scott Brockie, who refused lesbian/gay advocacy business.;