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first refusal

The first chance to obtain something. I gave them first refusal on my script, but they weren't interested, so I took it to another studio.
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give (one) (the right of/to) first refusal

To give one the first chance to obtain something. I gave them first refusal on my script, but they weren't interested, so I took it to another studio.
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(give somebody, have, etc.) (the) first reˈfusal

the opportunity to buy something before it is offered for sale to others: She promised to give me first refusal if she ever decides to sell the flat.
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In addition to limiting institutional refusals, policymakers and advocates can also work to check the ability of religiously affiliated institutions to abuse their power.
Peshawar in K-P and Khyber Agency in Fata had the maximum number of refusals, with both territories a constant feature in the refusals column.
| Tongwynlais, Merthyr Road, CF15 - 28 places, 6 refusals.
HYDERABAD -- A staggering number of 20,800 children, including 2,800 refusal cases - eight per cent of targeted 255,000 children - could not be vaccinated in Hyderabad during the three-day polio vaccination campaign that started on Monday and concluded on Wednesday.
The refusal of parents from vaccinations was named as one of the reasons for measles outbreak.
A six-month boy, Abdul Nasir, who was a constant refusal about polio vaccination, has fallen victim to the poliovirus in Gulshan-e-Iqbal's UC 12 in Karachi.
If you have ever made an unsuccessful immigration application to come to Canada or know somebody who has, you are probably familiar with these words that are found at the end of refusal letters: "You are welcome to reapply if you feel that you can respond" to the concerns that are listed in the letter.
The home secretary, Sajid Javid, confirmed late on Friday that the first refusals would be issued to people in the UK who, though they have the right to remain in the country, have been found not to qualify for citizenship because serious criminality has meant they failed to meet the necessary good character requirement.
Lawrence Sager, a constitutional theorist and the former dean of the University of Texas School of Law, said that while the court's decision in Masterpiece Cakeshop will not have direct legal bearing on Texas' HB 3859, it could have important implications for the future of religious refusals in the state.
The refusals parents were hailing from Akhonabad and Shaheen Muslim Town in Peshawar.
While being pleased with the findings it warned refusal rates are still too high and there is much more progress needed in this area and in the length of time taken to get approval.
According to the data shared by Emergency Operations Center Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (EOC) refusals have dropped to all time low in the province reflecting marked improvement in public awareness with regard to routine immunization and polio vaccination.
Vaccine-preventable outbreaks and vaccine refusal continue to be a concern.
They reviewed and compared the answers in three areas: vaccine refusals and delays, parental reasons for refusal or delay, and physician dismissal for vaccination refusals or delays.