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refund (some money) to (someone)

To return the money spent or invested by someone. The automaker has been directed to refund payments to all of its customers following the discovery of defective parts used in its anti-lock brake system. They would only refund half the money to me because I had already taken the tags off We'll send you a notification when the money is refunded to your account.
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refund something to someone

to return payment for something to someone. I insist that you refund the money to me at once. Her money was refunded to her by the store as soon as she asked for it.
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The ( Child Tax Credit  is worth up to $2,000 per qualifying child, but only $1,400 of this is refundable. A qualifying child is considered a biological, step, adopted, or foster child; a full, half, or step sibling; or the direct descendant of one of these people under 17 with a valid Social Security number.
The total amount of child tax credits (refundable and nonrefundable) claimed in tax year 2015 was an estimated $53.7 billion.
376 (2013), by specifying that refundable tax credits are taken into account as a negative amount of tax when calculating the penalty.
It does not impact current ASD families and subsequently does not represent a change to the refundable deposit of Dh29,850."
The number and costs of refundable tax credits have both grown and varied since the first one appeared on Americans' 1040 tax forms for tax year 1975.
Provincial Expenditures for Child Fitness Tax Credits Province Year Credit Type Cost ($ million) Manitoba 2007 Fitness Tax Credit Non-refundable 3.0 Nova Scotia 2005 Healthy Living Tax Non-refundable 2.2 Credit Ontario 2010 Children's Activity Refundable 75.0 Tax Credit Saskatchewan 2009 Active Families Refundable 18.0 Benefit Yukon 2007 Yukon Child Tax Non-refundable 0.2 Credit Total 98.4 Expenditures
To a large extent, that won't happen with a refundable tax credit, because most of the beneficiaries of the credit are paying little or no taxes anyway.
But however if we do not comply paying the bills at time for next couple of months, we will have to pay another non refundable deposit valued on average usage of two months," Perera says outlining the recent revenue collection policy of Ceylon Electricity Board.
Let us have laws requiring all litter creating material to have a refundable deposit imposed and to fine all dog-walkers for failing to carry or use a poop-scoop.
Designed to encourage work, the EITC is refundable and is even available to the self-employed.
Seems to me a cost deposit is inherently refundable to the extent it is not used.
Has Bipartisan Support for Refundable Credits Crested?
This is, of course, fully refundable once the trolley is returned.
The subsequent Beverage Container Regulations establish the program, help fund the setup of community recovery depots and regional processing centers and determine the refundable deposits and non-refundable recovery fees to be collected.